Our Chalet Easter Event 2013

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25 Marzo 2013- 31 Marzo 2013

Teléfono: ++41337631226
Correo electrónico: info@ourchalet.ch
Sitio web: www.ourchalet.ch

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Our Chalet invites you to come and discover the magic of the first WAGGGS World Centre.

Here you can explore the spectacular Swiss Alps and challenge yourself through a variety of outdoor activities. You will have the opportunity to savour Swiss culture, learn about a variety of Easter traditions and discover what it means to be a member of WAGGGS, while making new friends in an international Guiding and Scouting environment.

We welcome indviduals, families and guiding and scouting groups for this event.

Easter Event 2013 information flyer with all what you need to know to book your place is available here.

For more detailed information about the event please see our Easter Event Info Pack