Discover Your Potential III

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27 Julio 2014- 5 Agosto 2014

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discover_your_potentialWelcome to your post event page, Discover Your Potential III participants! We hope you are all doing well back in the UK and Canada! Sangam was very quiet for a minute without you ladies and lads here, but then we welcomed 57 participants from the UK for our Discover Your Potential Event IV, they have been doing their Community Leadership Development Projects with Maher, Green Tara Foundation, Door Step School, Tara Mobile Creche, PRMKT School and SWaCH!

On this page, we have all the links for your exciting event media!

Attached on the right side of this page is the Sangam Snapshot. We have also left your old Event Flier attached as well-maybe you want to download it for your scrapbook!?!

Here are Sangelee’s Favourite Pictures!

If you would like to keep any of the above photos, you can click on the slideshow to view the album in Picasa. You can then download and save them to your own computer. Please do this as soon as possible, as we may have to delete them when we load photos of other events.


Here are the links to your event videos, made by our amazing Sangam Volunteers and Interns!

The comments on this page are open, so feel free to leave us or your fellow event participants a message. We'd love to hear about what you learned, your favourite activity, any presentations you may have given about your trip or even just to say hi!

Don’t forget to find us on FacebookTwitter and YouTube to stay in touch with Sangam!


Thanks so much for joining us, don’t forget all the great things you learned during Sangam Tiffin, and may Sangam be ever with you!

Sangelee and your Sangam Family



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