AKELA 2014 - 1st International Cub Scout and Brownie Leader Gathering

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2 Agosto 2014- 6 Agosto 2014

Teléfono: +4921314699-88
Fax: +4921314699-94
Correo electrónico: akela2014@dpsg.de
Sitio web: www.dpsg.de

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Akela 2014 intends to bring together leaders of cub scouts and brownies worldwide.
Ages of participants: Cub scout and Brownie Leders, aged 16+
Organizing responsibility: Ringe deutscher Pfadfinderinnen und Pfadfinder

100 years after the publication of the Wolf Cub’s Handbook by Baden-Powell we want to take a closer look at the child-age programs in the different scouting and guiding organisations. Akela 2014 wants to gather the ideas, methods and games from the cub scout and brownie leaders to develop a picture of the Akela, the leading wolf, in the year 2014.