Vis tes rêves!

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27 Julio 2012- 31 Julio 2012

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We invite scouts and guides units from European countries to participate in our National Jamboree “Vistes rêves!”. We are looking forward to welcoming you as our international guests. We are expecting over 17,000 scouts and guides aged 11 – 14.



The Scouts and Guides de France will be highly pleased to welcome you in their activity and training centre, le Château de Jambville. The outstanding campsite of over a hundred acres of open nature is located at approximately an hour fromParis.



During the Jamboree, patrols will take part in stimulating and fun activities such as treasure hunt, woodcraft, meetings, opening and closing ceremonies, and will live great dreams together.


European units

All units taking part in the Jamboree will have to be twinned with a French partner unit and accompanied by leaders. It’s a chance for your unit to meet French scouts and guides, to build friendship throughout the year and to share a great time in camp before or after the Jamboree.