Mexican Fiestas & Traditions

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28 Octubre 2013- 5 Noviembre 2013

Teléfono: 0052 777 315 2650
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MuertosThis 8 night event will focus on Mexican traditions, particularly the Day of the Dead. In this most characteristic celebration, the souls of the dead are believed to return to earth on November 2. Families build altars in their homes and visit graveyards to commune with their dead, taking garlands and gifts of the dead one’s favorite foods and objects. A happy atmosphere prevails. Flowers are used in profusion, especially marigolds which have had ceremonial importance since before Spanish times.

During the event we will also take part in a service project with the local communities and trips to several places of local interest. These include Cuernavaca, the city where Our Cabana is situated, Taxco the silver capital of Mexico and Tepoztlan, a traditional Mexican Craft market town. Throughout the 8 night we will have games, songs, activities, a Halloween celebration, a campfire, flag ceremonies and much, much more.  

Includes trips to: Cueranvaca, Ocotepec, Tepoztlan, Taxco and Xochicalco

Cost per person: US$960 

A deposit of 10% of costs per person is required within one month of enquiry to secure your booking. This is non-refundable.