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YWWF2011PaxdelegatesFollowing the opening ceremony, our keynote speaker Fungai Machirori, a writer from Zimbabwe, set the stage for the YWWF here at Pax Lodge by talking about her teenage years and how she overcame her low self-esteem and dark times to become an inspirational woman who has made a huge difference in her local community and around the world.

The delegates were totally captivated by Fungai not only by her speech but also by the moving and emotional poems she shared with them. They were inspired to ask many challenging and thought-provoking questions including “what is your greatest challenge now that you are so successful”. Fungai “responded to remain humble” and “to remember if you stop doing it with passion it’s time to stop doing it”.

YWWF 2011 Planning Team, Pax Lodge

We started the Forum thinking about how our founder encouraged us to learn, through experiences, challenging old concepts and applying new-found knowledge into our lives and the Movement.

“I’m looking forward to applying the ‘experiential learning’ to my time here” Beca,New Zealand

Then we revisited our Movement's history, inspiring us to commit to stand up and advocate for the next 100 years as the first Girl Guides bravely did.

As we joined to celebrate with the 3 other World Centres for the opening ceremony, our dreams and hopes were linked together to illuminate the path forward. With the many different languages, we are being challenged in some new and exciting ways, “The simultaneous interpretation during the whole day was a very exciting experience” Liisa, Finland.

We learned to we need to embrace ourselves, discovering our potential and strengths in order to grow our leadership capacity.

“In Norway we learn ‘Jante’s Law’ which basically teaches us not to think we’re better than others. During ‘Building Self-Esteem’ today we learnt that’s not true.” Eilen,Norway

Dancing the night away we continued to share our different cultures and strengthen our special new friendships. "I'm integrating step by step with the all of the delegates. We get to know each otherbetter and are starting to enjoy our time together." Ravo,Madagascar.

We have all had a wonderful day, been very busy taking in new concepts, setting goals for ourselves and preparing for what is going to be a really great week.

Alison Bennett, Girl Guides Australia

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Kevrell - 20 Octubre 2011 - 5.23AM (GMT)

Super informative wrtinig; keep it up.

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