Día 2

Last day at COY 6

COP 16- WAGGGS delegatesWe started the day with a relaxing dynamic before we start the exciting and busy week that is ahead. We found a person who is not from our own delegation and exchanged information and ideas so as to be in contact and start a new friendship. 

It was also related with the topic for this day: “Enjoy the moments, act and participate but don’t forget to be healthy and rest”. It is very important for everyone to express how they are feeling and take a moment just to relax and breathe deeply. The most important thing is to be ready and energized  to achieve the goals we have and enjoy the activities that we have planned!

We also watched a video that was made from young people who live in Europe where they wished  us the best for these two weeks at COP16.

About working groups

Some of the WAGGGS delegates made a video with interviews about the expectations of some of the COY6 working groups.

These groups are:

  • Media: The aim of this working group is that the youth gets the opportunity to speak out, share points of view in order to create an international ideas space.
  • Action and finance: The goal of this working group is to make sure that the solutions and decisions that the politicians are going to take in COP16 will be transformed in real actions that have an impact over the climate change. They want to have an equitable experience for everyone in COP16.
  • Article 6:  They are working on education, awareness and participation at COP. They believe that is very important to implement non-formal education.
  • Girls and young women: They want to achieve getting women and girls to be recognized officially in the UNFCCC.

You can watch the different members introduce themselves!

The closing ceremony

COY 6  -Day 2We received a big surprise, the 350 group travelled from Alaska to Cancun by bicycle! They arrived in and Cancun and joined us in COY6. The representative of this organization, Bill Mckibben shared with us some of his knowledge about Climate Change and focused on the importance of empowering youth as we are the present and future of our world.

We finished this day with the traditional climate action dance of COY and a concert.

It was an amazing experience for me because it was an opportunity to share with other young people my ideas about how do the girls and young women are affected by climate change. I also learned a lot from other organizations, their experiences on working with youth and the different projects that they have according to their needs.

By Fátima Irais Espinosa Rodriguez, WAGGGS youth delegate from Mexico

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