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Stay up to date with the WAGGGS delegation to the 58th UN Commission on the Status of Women. If you have any questions to ask or comments you want to make about their adventures, why not tweet them on @WAGGGSDelegates?

Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th March 2014 - Training!

An ideal delegate







An ideal delegate for CSW 58 should always be prepared!

Triple Role

Beatrice from Kenya explores her triple role as a representative of WAGGGS, her Member Organisation and herself

Advocacy network







We are one big advocacy network joined together by the actions we take to change the world

Monday 10th March 2014 - Day One

This morning we all met for breakfast as the big day approached - the first day of the actual conference. We each have individual schedules but we support each other during events where one of us is speaking. This meant, for instance, that whilst Hannah was listening and taking notes during the opening remarks of the conference, Beatrice was listening to Petra during her intervention (a short speech during a presentation or panel discussion) on leadership and higher education and Erin supported Saffina during her speech an on event on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.Saffina's speech on girls and STEM

As there are 140 side events and about 400 parallel events we all keep busy attending events at which we can get WAGGGS key messages across to decision makers. This may sound scary or odd, but it is the way to ensure our message is being heard and that everybody knows what the world we want for girls looks like. It is good that we are nine delegates to share the different events among us. But days still get long as we also work in our different working groups: communciations, policy and actions. Communications, for example, makes sure that you guys out there know what is going on, the actions girls prepare activities for our own events and the policy ladies work on the drafts of the agreed conclusions. With this much going on, there are always a couple of highlights during the day. These were our proudest moments of today that we would like to share with you:

-    Australia’s Global Ambassador for Women and Girls recognized our Australian delegate Erin and showed her that she was wearing our WAGGGS USB policy bracelet (very appreciated by busy delegates as it is cool, useful and fashionable ;-) ).

-     Beatrice met the Kenyan delegation and they invited her to their breakfast meeting tomorrow morning. As it is sometimes difficult to get in contact with your country’s delegation it is a privilege for those who have established a relationship to be able to join them on a regular basis.

-    Hannah did her first ever real elevator pitch! After a parallel event the ambassador in the panel had to leave and she courageously walked after her, into the elevator, and got to do the pitch that we had practiced during training for real! Resulting in the ambassador wearing our bracelet with all our information to a UN Women event. Happy times!

As you can tell, we are certainly keeping busy and doing our utmost to represent you guys as well as we possibly can! Please do not hesitate to come with input and suggestions as it is you that we are representing and we rely on your support!

Hoping to hear from you - room 1002: Beatrice (Kenya), Erin (Australia) and Hannah (Sweden/Germany)


Tuesday 11th March 2014 - Day Two

On our second day of CSW many of our girls took the lead by making speeches and by running the young women’s caucus.

Below are the pictures we think represent our day in CSW in New York

Today Ella, Hannah, Erin and Joy spoke at parallel events showcasing WAGGGS key messages. 

Ella from the UK giving a speech

Hannah from Sweden giving a speech

Ella O’Keefe from UK speaking at the event “Blue is the New Pink” co-hosted by Soroptimist International, WAGGGS and World YWCA and Hannah Bauer from Sweden speaking at 'Developing, Developed, Development'.

Erin from Australia giving a speechJoy from Lebanon giving a speech

Erin Wicking from Australia and Joy Hrawi from Lebanon speaking at a panel of young people sharing their views and inspirations at CSW.

Young Women's Caucus CSW 58

Young Women's Caucus CSW 58 2

Chamathya Fernando from Sri Lanka, Hala Sabri from Pakistan and Beatrice Omweri from Kenya conducted the Young Women’s Caucus together with World YWCA. 

Featured tweets



Today we found our social media recognized by the official UN CSW twitter account as two of our delegate posts were part of this social media highlight from Day One.

After a busy day we all spent an evening preparing for the big WAGGGS event – The World we want for girls which we will be hosting tomorrow.

Room 1103 – Chamathya, Ella and Joy


Wednesday 12th March 2014 - Day Three

Time is flying by quickly at this year’s CSW and though we feel like we have done a lot, we know there is still a lot to do. We need people to hear our key messages and calls to actions! 

World We Want For Girls boxes

In trying to achieve these goals, many of the WAGGGS youth delegates connected with their country’s permanent missions to UN. We all had very positive experiences and our missions which accepted us and embraced our suggestions on how to make this world a better place for girls. We discussed our vision of the outcomes we want to see from CSW58 and the contributions we want to make including a standalone goal on gender in the post-2015 agenda as well as a life cycle approach that empowers women at different stages of their lives.  We hope they use our key messages to lobby in the negotiations and together we will make a progressive change in people attitudes, change social norms, and stereotypes based on gender.

In addition to these meetings, both Petra and Hala attended the expert panel session in the morning that was held for the government delegates. The theme of the expert panel was the “Implementation and review of the Millennium Development Goals.” 

Following the presentations of the distinguished panellists, the floor was opened for comments from the government delegations which included Ecuador, Egypt, Iran, Republic of Korea and China just to name a few. The delegates shared their country’s experiences of the MDGs; the work that has been done and the work that requires global support for achievement. They also expressed the gaps in the MDGs that they had encountered and their solutions which they felt that the MDGs should address.

Hannah's evening was dedicated to networking at the Swedish Ambassador's residence together with other reps of civil society. The Swedish Minister on Gender congratuled WAGGGS on their great work.  Saffina attended the Canadian event on cyberbullying and hypersexualization and is hoping to partner with the Canadian Ministers on the Status of Women in the future to continue this important work.

Possibly the greatest highlight of the day was the very well attended and deeply praised WAGGGS side event “The World We Want for Girls” was possibly one of the more unique events that CSW had encountered as it was conducted in the typical Guiding style: interactivity, learning by doing, and inclusion. It started with a very powerful and moving speech by Beatrice and her experiences with guiding in Kenya-which left many an eye wet!  The program continued with talks on understanding the My World survey and the role of young people in changing the world. You can watch a video of our event at www.worldwewant2015.org/PeoplesVoices 

After such a rewarding day, we rewarded ourselves with a group dinner at Ellen’s Stardust Diner where servers serenaded us along with delicious food!  A great note to end a great day!  


Thursday 13th March 2014 - Day Four

On our 4th day at CSW we were able to attend as many side events and parallel events as possible.
Hala and Petra delivered awesome speeches on education and decent work which were well recieved.
Hala and Petra give speeches
Ella asked a brilliant question to the UK Secretary of International Development regarding the incorporation of development studies in non-formal and formal education. 
Chamathya, Hala and Beatrice conducted the 2nd session of the Young Women's Caucus together with World YWCA.  We read and shared our thoughts on the statement and made adjustments acccordingly.  Everyone contributed amazing ideas!
We also worked on the agreed conclusions.

Young Women's Caucus CSW 58 3

We planned our CSW action during the daily 
 debrief with the presence of the whole delegation and we came up with a great idea for to us to do on Friday. Stay tuned.
By - Chamathya, Ella and Joy - Room 1103