Speeches and messages

These speeches and messages were delivered to participants at the twin events at Sangam and Our Chalet.

Welcome message

Nadine El Achy, WAGGGS World Board chairman

I hope you have all had good experiences already with your traveling and that you are starting to meet leaders from very diverse part of  the world. The WLDP is a unique experience to meet others, to learn and grow, and to be female leaders in a variety of ways, and Sangam and Chalet has the best setting and staff to provide this learning environment. 

During this week, you will face a new environment, new people, new theories and the most challenging for all of us, participants and facilitators, will not be to learn, but to unlearn and be able to stretch our minds…

This week will be all about "Young Women Leading for a Greener Future", gaining skills to become agent of change; to be able to plan projects that will make a difference back home…

While the two events will link up remotely to share ideas and experiences, know that many other people are following your news and are supporting you in your “green” mission.

I am inviting you today to benefit the most out of this experience; to be conscious about the great opportunity you have to be at a WAGGGS leadership development event carefully prepared by an outstanding team of facilitators at chalet and Sangam, with an extensive experience and a passion for guiding/Girl scouting… learn with them, share with them and be part of the change you want to see in your regions and in the world, our interest is in the future because this is where we will be spending most of our time and we all know that "The Grass is Greener where You Water it."

Where you put your energy and attention is where you will get more of what you want, WAGGGS is by excellence the organization that grows leaders, we know that our future is in the hand of our leaders, in your hands!

I will definitely follow up your news this week and wish you a lot of Fun, sharing and Learning!

Enjoy your week!


Welcome message

Jen Barron, Sangam World Centre Manager

We are very happy to welcome the participants from so many varied countries to Young Women Leading for a Greener future at Sangam.

We are really looking forward to having you share the warmth and hospitality we have to offer here at Sangam as you learn and grow in your seminar. We are also keen for you to explore Indian culture while you are here and to learn about what is happening in India in relation to MDG 7. 

We hope you enjoy your visit to some of our community partner organizations and that this helps to put some of your learning into perspective as you see what is practically happening in the area of environmental education and sustainability in India. 

Welcome to your seminar and to your world home in India.


Welcome message

Sharon O’Neill Libreri, Sangam event Planning Team chair

It is with great pleasure as chair of the Planning Team for the WLDP event in Sangam India, Young Women Leading for a Greener Future, to welcome you all!  

The planning team has been for the past months working very hard in preparation for this great and amazing WLDP event/project! 

Together we have planned a varied mix of sessions based on the WAGGGS WLDP (World Leadership Development Program), a range of activities & real experiences in relation to the environment whilst also giving you the opportunity to get a taste of Incredible India!

This journey will change you; it will give you the opportunity to enrich your leadership skills, get an international experience, whilst empowering you

  • to educate,
  • speak out,
  • act
  • and motivate others
  • to take action for a greener planet

During the same week, another WAGGGS WLDP event will be happening at Our Chalet in Switzerland… also taking actions on the environment.  At some points during the event we will have the opportunity to have live connections with Our Chalet and the participants there.

Make sure to take away with you new ideas and ways that will help you make a difference in your Association and in your community. 

Good luck to you all and to a great WLDP event!

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