World Youth Conference, Mexico

The World Youth Conference took place from 23 to 29 August in Mexico to identify priorities of action for youth on the international development agenda. WAGGGS delegates contributed to the discussions on the NGO position statement and run activities in the Global Interactive Forum. 

World Youth Conference- WAGGGS delegationWAGGGS was very present at the World Youth Conference (WYC), which took place in León, Mexico. There were 18 youth delegates at the NGO Global Meeting who represented their national WAGGGS Member Organizations and also many more current and former Girl Guides and Girl Scouts representing other organizations and governments.

The WAGGGS volunteer team had 20 young women from Guías de Mexico, Girl Scouts of the USA and WAGGGS World Centre Our Cabaña who run the WAGGGS activities in the Global Interactive Forum. In this Forum there were three WAGGGS exhibition booths and the MDG activity centre ‘together we can change our world’, which is related to the WAGGGS’ Global Action Theme.

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WAGGGS has been greatly involved in the World Youth Conference and in particular in the NGO Global Meeting and the Global Interactive Forum as member of the Social Forum Steering Committee (SOFOC). As SOFOC member WAGGGS was able to contribute to the draft NGO position statement, which the WAGGGS delegates will work on during the NGO Global Meeting.

As partners of the International Youth Year we feel that the WYC is a great opportunity to help advance the global youth and development agenda and to put young people, especially young women, in the lead to ensure they take part in decisions about their future, speak out about important topics and take action to help achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

Mary Mc Phail, WAGGGS’ Chief Executive

Further information on how WAGGGS works on MDGs as well as ongoing updates on WAGGGS at the World Youth Conference will be available on this section.

About the Conference

World Youth Conference- Global meetingWYC 2010 had two main pillars: the Government Forum and the Social Forum. All United Nations member states, non-governmental organizations accredited to ECOSOC and representatives of international organizations were invited to the Government Forum.

The Government Forum resulted in a Declaration with recommendations for governments on measures and policies to be taken regarding youth and development, aiming to 2015 and beyond.

The NGO Global Meeting was a space for the Worldwide Meeting of Civil Society Organizations and the Global Village. The NGOs Meeting, produced a document of recommendations that was submitted to the Government Forum for its consideration.

United Nations declared 2010 as the International Year of Youth: Dialogue and Mutual Understanding. For more information and know how you can participate all year long, please check the WAGGGS website.

Objectives of WYC

  1. To elaborate by consensus a Governments’ Declaration that identifies action priorities on youth and development to be submitted in the 65th Session Period of the United Nations General Assembly;
  2. To promote the setting of a mechanism to give specific follow-up to the youth agenda at the UN;
  3. To promote dialogue between civil society organizations, governments and parliamentarians on youth and development policies and to have a better understanding of priorities and needs of world youth;
  4. To share experiences and knowledge on diagnosis, policies and programmes on youth and development.

WYC timeframe and structure

  • NGO forum                        23-25 August
  • Government Forum             25-27 August
  • Global Interactive Forum      23-27 August
  • Legislators Forum               25-17 August (in Mexico City)

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Rita El Awad - 2 September 2010 - 8.21AM (GMT)

It was great to be in Mexico and be able to put my concerns (and those of the young woman of my county) / comments / issues that we worried about in this document and that thanks to WAGGS!!


Sophia Saronwiyo - 31 August 2010 - 9.03AM (GMT)

This is lovely, i wish i was there. It is good to know that our girls are making so much progress. Keep the good work.

Sophia Saronwiyo
National Youth Coordinator Nigeria

Darshana Pawaskar - 27 August 2010 - 10.52AM (GMT)

Hi girls .... great... all the best. show them the girl power.

Margaret Treloar - 25 August 2010 - 11.29AM (GMT)

Best wishes to all our delegates at this very special event. I have been able to watch some live coverage and it is fabulous to see young women in action - always! I know our WAGGGS delegates are busy and that you will effectively bring the voice of the world of young women across WAGGGS to the Conference and the position statement. Keep up the great work!
Margaret Treloar
Chairman, WAGGGS

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