Pfadfinder und Pfadfinderinnen Liechtensteins (PPL)

Girl Guiding/Girl Scouting introduced: 1932
Number of Girl Guides/Girl Scouts: 331 (31/12/2012)
Status: Full Member
Admits boys: No

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Ich verspreche, dass ich mit der Hilfe Gottes versuchen will, mein Bestes für meine Mitmenschen und unser Land zu tun, den Fürsten zu achten und nach dem Pfadfinder/Innen-Gesetz zu leben.

Guide/Scout Promise

I promise that with God’s help I will try and do my best for my fellow beings and our country, to respect the Prince and live according to the Guide/Scout Law.

Bienle Versprechen

Ich will mir Mühe geben, Gott und meine Familie gern zu haben, unser Gesetz zu befolgen und für alle ein guter Kamerad/eine gute Kameradin zu sein.

Brownie Promise

To the best of my ability I will love God and my family abide by our Law and be a good comrade to everyone.



Als Pfadfinder/Pfadfinderin
suche ich meinen Weg zu Gott bin ich aufrichtig
helfe ich, wo ich kann
überwinde ich Schwierigkeiten
entscheide ich und setze
mich ein bin ich zuverlässig
schütze ich Natur und Umwelt
bereite ich Freude
verstehe und achte ich andere
bin ich ein guter Freund/eine gute Freundin.

In Übereinstimmung mit diesem Gesetz ergänze ich für mich und meine Gruppe:

Guide/Scout Law

As a Scout/Girl Guide
I seek my way to God
I am upright,
help where I can,
overcome difficulties,
make decisions and take action,
I am reliable,
protect nature and the world around us
give pleasure,
understand and respect others,
I am a good friend.

In conformity with this Law I amend as follows, for myself and my group:

Bienle Gesetz

Ein Wold/Bienle hält seine Augen offen und hilft allen.
Ich bin ein Wolf/Bienle – Du bist ein Wolf/Bienle; auf uns ist Verlass.

Brownie Law

A Cub Scout/Brownie is observant and helps everyone.
I am a Cub Scout/Brownie – you are a Cub Scout/Brownie; we are reliable.


Motto - Allzeit bereit

Guide/Scout/ Brownie Motto - Be Prepared

Age groups:

Ranger Ranger 18+

Pioniere Pioneer 15-18

Pfadfinderin Girl Guide 11-15

Bienle Brownie 7-11

Development of the movement:

Scouting in Liechtenstein began in Schaan in 1931 and Guiding started in Vaduz in 1932. A first-aid group for Scouts and Guides was founded in 1973.

The Guides and Scouts have had their own shop since 1976 and in 1979 they started publishing a bi-monthly magazine for leaders, which is called Knoten.

Co-operation between the Scout and the Guide Associations has increased since 1981 when joint activities were organized to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Scout Movement in Liechtenstein. In 1989 the two Associations merged and its official name is now Pfadfinder und Pfadfinderinnen Liechtensteins. HSH Prince Nikolaus of Liechtenstein and his sister, HSH Princess Nora, are honorary members of the Movement.

Among the main events in the scouting year are the annual summer camps, winter camps and various activities for all branches at national level


Each division draws up its own programme. Leaders organize various activities for all branches at local and national level, and these are adapted to meet the requirements of the individual and the community.

Relationship to society:

Members of the Association are involved in many community service projects.

During Lent, Guides organize a Soup Day in most villages, together with the Liechtenstein Lent Charity.

Communication and Co-operation

The Association informs its members and the general public about its activities through the national press, as well as through its bi-monthly magazine Knoten.

The Association supports activities of the Liechtenstein Lent Charity and the Liechtenstein Missionary Society


Attendance at international gatherings is encouraged, and the number of members participating in international camps, seminars and training sessions is increasing. During the last years, members participated in Juliette Low Seminars, Eurofolk, World Jamborees, Rover Moots, plus several other international training sessions, seminars and camps.

Outdoor and Environmental Activities

Summer, autumn and winter camps are enjoyed by all members of the Association. Various outdoor activities are also organized during the annual programmes of all branches.