Association Nationale Des Guides D'Haiti

Girl Guiding/Girl Scouting introduced: 1942
Number of Girl Guides/Girl Scouts: 1582 (31/12/2012)
Status: Full Member
Admits boys: No

WAGGGS Region:

Western Hemisphere / Hemisferio Occidental

Contact us

B.P. 1401

Telephone: 00 509 3759 3583
Email: yendigerve@gmail.com


Promesse de la Guide

Sur mon honneur et avec la grâce de Dieu, je m’engage à servir de mon mieux, Dieu, l’Eglise, la Patrie, à aider mon prochain en toutes circonstances et à observer la Loi Guide.

Guide Promise

On my honour and with the grace of God, I undertake to do my best to serve God, the Church, my Country, to help other people in all circumstances and to observe the Guide Law.

Promesse de la Jeannette

Je promets de faire de mon mieux pour être fidèle à Dieu, à mon pays, à mes parents, à la loi de la ronde et pour faire chaque jour un plaisir à quelqu’un.

Brownie Promise

I promise to do my best:
To be faithful to God, my country, my parents, to the Law of the Pack, and To do a good turn to someone every day.


Loi de la Guide

1 La Guide est loyale.

2 La Guide pense d’abord aux autres.

3 La Guide est généreuse, elle est prête à servir.

4 La Guide est accueillante, elle a l’esprit d’équipe.

5 La Guide, sœur de toute autre Guide, est présente à tous.

6 La Guide découvre la nature, elle y voit l’œuvre de Dieu.

7 La Guide sait obéir.

8 La Guide ne craint pas l’effort, elle ne fait rien à moitié.

9 La Guide aime son travail et respecte celui des autres.

10 La Guide est maîtresse de soi; elle est pure et joyeuse.

Guide Law

1 A Guide is loyal.

2 A Guide thinks first of others.

3 A Guide is generous; she is prepared to help.

4 A Guide is welcoming; she has team spirit.

5 A Guide, sister to every other Guide, is at the service of all.

6 A Guide learns about nature in which she sees God’s work.

7 A Guide knows how to obey.

8 A Guide does not fear endeavour; she does nothing by halves.

9 A Guide likes her work and respects that of others.

10 A Guide is self-controlled; she is pure and cheerful.

Loi de la Jeannette

Une Jeannette est toujours propre.
Une Jeannette est toujours active.
Une Jeannette est toujours gaie.
Une Jeannette dit toujours vrai.
Une Jeannette pense d’abord aux autres.

Brownie Law

A Brownie is always clean.
A Brownie is always active.
A Brownie is always cheerful.
A Brownie always tells the truth.
A Brownie thinks first of others.


Devise de la Guide - Etre prête

Guide Motto - Be Prepared

Devise de la Jeannette - De notre mieux

Brownie Motto - The Best We Can

Age groups:

Guide Aînée Senior Guide 18-25

Guide Relais Ranger 15+

Guide Guide 12+

Jeannette Brownie 7-12

Development of the movement:

Guiding in Haiti started with a group of pupils and former pupils of a girls schools, Ste Thérèse de l’Enfant Jésus, directed by Mme Carmen René Durocher. These pupils established a club offering out-of-school activities. One of the girls, impressed by her brother’s Scouting activities, asked to incorporate these activities into the club. Mme Durocher contacted the Scout representatives, the religious order in charge and then WAGGGS which eventually led to the establishment of Guiding in Haiti in October 1942. Later on, boarders at St Rose of Lima School became interested in Scouting methods and formed the second Girl Guide group. Guiding spread through the country and Lady Baden-Powell visited Haiti in March 1951.

In 1990, an intermediate branch between the Guides and the Guides Aînées was introduced on a trial basis as the Guides Relais.


The Association chooses a different theme as a basis for its programme of activities each year. This theme is adopted by all age groups.

Relationship to society:

The Association places great emphasis on community service, and Guides help in hospitals and canteens in many parts of the country. A major community project undertaken by Guides in Haiti was the running of a day care centre in the Port-au-Prince neighbourhood for factory workers’ children. This has now been changed, at the request of local parents and children, into a regular kindergarten with three classes for ages 2-3, 3-4 and 4-5 preparing for elementary school. It employs three senior Guides holding a kindergarten teaching certificate who receive a salary.

Through the HIV/AIDS badge curriculum, the Association has been involved in disseminating information and raising awareness about prevention of HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and STD for girls aged 10-25. The Association is working with the Health Ministry in partnership with UNAIDS.

Communication and Co-operation

Guides from Haiti attend international camps held by other Girl Guide/Girl Scout Associations.

The Association Nationale des Guides d’Haiti publicizes its activities through radio and television, and publishes Fuse, a magazine for Guides.

Guides work in co-operation with the Haitian Association of Voluntary Agencies (HAVA), the Red Cross and UNESCO. The Association maintains contact with the government, especially with the departments for agriculture, natural resources and rural development, education, social affairs, youth and sports, and social welfare


The official training programme includes courses on family life education, hygiene and social services. Since 2000, a standing camp has been started with a training course for leaders. It is a continuous training course on three levels. It is open to participants 16 years old and over. Level one: Leadership and knowledge of the Guide Movement through theoretical and practical courses.

Level two: Course for trainee leaders in units

Level tree: Trainees take full charge of their units.

At the end of each level, ‘graduating’ participants receive a certificate.

Outdoor and Environmental Activities

Camping is an important part of the Association’s programme and is a popular activity among members. Guides in all areas of Haiti are involved in tree-planting projects, their contribution to the preservation of the environment.