Soma Hellinikou Odigismou (SHO)

Girl Guiding/Girl Scouting introduced: 1932
Number of Girl Guides/Girl Scouts: 6589 (31/12/2012)
Status: Full Member
Admits boys: Yes

WAGGGS Region:


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International Commissioner
10 Xenophontos Street
Gr 105 57

Telephone: 00 302103313213
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I Iposhesi Odigos

Iposhome na prospathisso me pisti ston Theo
na agapo tin Patrida mou, ke na
iperaspizome tin irini ke tin eleftheria, na
voitho pantou ke pantote ke na kano tropo
zois mou tis axies tou Odigismou.

Girl Guide Promise

I promise that with faith in God I will do my best:
To love my country, and promote the cause of peace and freedom,
To help others in all circumstances,
To make Guiding values my way of life.

Ranger Promise

Iposhome na prospathisso me pisti ston Theo na agapo tin Patrida mou, ke na iperaspizome tin irini ke tin eleftheria, na
voitho pantou ke pantote, ke me idaniko mou to Ypiretin, na kano tropo zois mou tis axies tou Odigismou.

Ranger Promise

I promise that with faith in God I will do my best:
To love my country, and promote the cause of peace and freedom,
To help others in all circumstances,
To make Guiding values my way of life.
My ideal will be to serve.

Pouli Promise

Iposhome na prospathisso me oli mou ti dynami, na agapo ton Theo ke tin Patrida
na voitho tous allous pantote
ke na ferno tin chara stous giro mou.

Bird Promise

I promise that I will try with all my strength:
To love God and my country,
To help other people at all times, and
To bring joy to those around me.

Asteri Promise

Ime asteri prothymo tous allous na voitho ke to chamogelo mou pote den to xechno.
Agapi echo ke agalia gia olous anihti, filous na eho s’oli ti gi.

Star Promise

I am a star eager to help the others and never forget my smile.
I have love and my arms are open to all, and friends I have around the world (song).


O Nomos Odigos

I Odigoi:

1 Ine ilikrinis ke dikei.

2 Sevonte ta dikeomata ton allon ke tiroun tous nomous.

3 Ine dimiourgiki, prothymi ke symmetehoun sto Kinoniko Synolo.

4 Anakalyptoun ke kalliergoun tis dynatotites tous.

5 Ine kali phili, proshari ke evgeniki me olous.

6 Agapoun ke prostatevoun tin physi ke to perivalon.

7 Ine ergatiki, synepis ke ypefthini.

8 Echoun tharos ke psychramia.

9 Agapoun ke frontizon tin ikogenia tous.

10 Ine axioprepis ke elenchoun tis skepsis, ta logia ke tis praxis tous.

Girl Guide Law
The Guides:

1 Are honest and just.

2 Respect other people’s rights and obey the law.

3 Are creative, willing and participate in the life of the community.

4 Discover and cultivate their talents.

5 Are good friends, cheerful and polite to everyone.

6 Love and protect nature and the environment.

7 Are hard working, reliable and responsible.

8 Are courageous, self-controlled and optimistic.

9 Love and care for their families.

10 Are dignified and control their thoughts, words and deeds.

Pouli Law

Sevome tous allous, ekfrazo tin gnomi mou elefthere, agapo ke prostatevo tin physi, den skeftome mono ton eafto mou.

Bird Law

A Brownie expresses her thoughts freely, repects other people, loves nature and protects it, does not think only of herself.


Motto Odigos - Esso Etimi

Girl Guide Motto - Be Prepared

Pouli Motto - Dosse Cheri - Lend a Hand

Asteri Motto - Panda Filli

Star Motto - Always Friends

Age groups:

Megali Odigos/ Ranger/ 14 - 17

Naftodigos Sea Ranger 14 - 17

Odigos Guide 11 - 14

Pouli Bird 7 - 11

Asteri Star 5 - 7

Development of the movement:

Guiding was established in Greece in 1932 and was revived in 1945 after a period of inactivity during the Second World War. The Movement has since spread throughout the country and Soma Hellinidon Odigon (the Greek Girl Guides Association) is now the largest youth organization in Greece.


The programme places emphasis on individual development, life in nature and service to the community. It aims at forming individuals who are aware of their talents and potential. Self-awareness is stressed through various activities such as community development, outdoor pursuits, games and sports, the arts, handicrafts, education in career orientation, conservation, environmental protection, research of national traditions and cultural events.

An ad hoc committee, in co-operation with the Branches, formulated and proposed a new educational programme– always based on individual development, life in nature and service to the community. All Guiding activities are organized according to an integrated and co-ordinated programme, which meets the needs of each age group and ensures the gradual development of children through all age groups.

In 1990 a new Branch was formed for pre-school-age children, which very quickly became popular.

In 1951 the Association started to welcome members with disabilities as a means of furthering their development and helping their integration into society. Special Groups follow the Guiding programme and are fully integrated in their respective local departments. A handbook has been produced and Special Groups have their own house on one of the Association’s campsites near Athens. In the summer of 1993, for the first time in Greece, SHO organized a European camp for Guides with special needs, in Halkidiki, in the north of Greece. Two hundred Guides from five European countries participated in the camp. Since 1995, priority has been given to the integration of children with special needs into all units.

Relationship to society:

Soma Hellinidon Odigon has a long tradition of service to the community and most Guides participate in community development projects. Service camps have been held for

Rangers since 1951 with the aim of helping remote communities and giving them new life. Over the years many Girl Guides and Girl Scouts from abroad have participated in these special camps.

The four age groups have also carried out projects with other children and young people, including environmental work, the revival of cultural traditions and the creation of libraries.

The Association has worked closely with Greek authorities in organizing welcoming stations for Greek refugees from Russia: in particular the Black Sea and Albania. Aid missions have been organized for both the Greek communities in Albania and for the victims of the recent war in Yugoslavia.

The SHO’s immediate action and effective support to national disasters, such as the earthquakes in Aigion and Kozani cities in 1997 and in Athens in 1999, were highly praised by officials.

Communication and Co-operation

Soma Hellinidon Odigon regularly participates in international events and disseminates information on world and regional activities. International education is included in the programme of each age group and in leadership training, with a special seminar scheduled once a year. Groups are encouraged to travel abroad and the International Department assists them to participate in camps organized by other National Organizations. A Scholarship Fund was established by the International Department to enable Guides from areas close to the border – as a rule less privileged than the rest of the country – to participate in camps abroad and experience international Guiding.

In addition, the Association promotes international understanding through its periodicals, by assisting Guides from abroad to plan their visit to Greece, and through the Post Box Scheme. The Association has hosted international camps, regional seminars, and events such as the 1991 European International Commissioners’ Forum for WAGGGS and WOSM.

In 1999, the 2nd Brownies Conference on children’s civil rights was successfully carried out with the co-operation of, and representatives from, UNICEF and the United Nations.

Guiding in Greece has always been supported and encouraged by the Greek community, which appreciates the contribution of Guiding to the development of girls and women in particular, and the country in general. Every effort is made to keep the public informed of Guiding activities through such means as local media, including newspapers, TV channels and radio stations, plus films and slide projections, exhibitions, round tables and lectures.

Soma Hellinidon Odigon publishes four periodicals: Heri-Heri, for Stars; Gorgohelidono, for Brownies; Parea, for Guides and Rangers; and Nea Minimata, for leaders and adult members in general. The Association is a founding member of the Greek National Council of Youth Organizations.


Guides are educated from the very beginning, as Brownies, by practising self-government in their groups and patrols. As a result, leadership training is promoted until they are adults and have an opportunity to become group Leaders.

The leadership training system in Greece changed recently to meet the needs of young people of 2000. It consists of three major areas: general education and training (four seminars of three to four days each); technical education; training of trainers. Training is based on Howard Gardner’s theory and Bloom’s methodology. Training is often held in various parts of the country on the following subjects: Guiding, responsibility, practical training, self-government, nature, leadership, communication.

Once training is complete, a leader may attend a special training camp to focus on leadership and other issues of interest. Several seminars, catering for particular preferences such as music or theatre, are available to leaders during the year.

Camp leaders also receive special training through a weekend workshop on camping techniques, plus training at a camp of the age group they belong to. Those who want to become Leader Trainers attend a special training seminar. All Trainers can go through a ‘Trainer’s Training’ weekend once every two years, which alternates with the Trainers’ Conference, to update their knowledge and acquire new training techniques. There are two national training centres: Irini Tsimbouki at Vari, near Athens, and Popi Zaharopoulou at Panorama, near Thessaloniki.

The Training Scheme of Soma Hellinidon Odigon was approved by the World Board, under the Accreditation Scheme of WAGGGS in 1992.