Ring Deutscher Pfadfinderinnenverbände (RDP)

Girl Guiding/Girl Scouting introduced: 1950
Number of Girl Guides/Girl Scouts: 51749 (31/12/2012)
Status: Full Member
Admits boys: Yes

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International Commissioner (Wagggs)
Mühlendamm 3

Telephone: 00 493020054565
Fax: 00 493020054566

Development of the movement:

Ring Deutscher Pfadfinderinnenverbände was formerly composed of four separate Girl Guide Associations: Bund Deutscher Pfadfinderinnen, Evangelischer Mädchenpfadfinderbund, Bund Christlicher Pfadfinderinnen in Bavaria and Pfadfinderinnenschaft St. Georg.

In 1973 the Evangelischer Mädchenpfadfinderbund, Bund Christlicher Pfadfinderinnen and Christliche Pfadfinderschaft Deutschlands (Protestant Boy Scouts) merged to form the Verband Christlicher Pfadfinderinnen und Pfadfinder (VCP) (Christian Girl Guide and Boy Scout Association). In 1976 the Bund Deutscher Pfadfinderinnen and Bund der Pfadfinder (Scout Association) also merged to become the Bund der Pfadfinderinnen und Pfadfinder (BdP) (Association of Girl Guides and Boy Scouts).

This was the situation up until 1990 when the historic reunification of Germany took place. This event had direct repercussions within all the German Associations. Guiding had existed throughout the entire State of Germany prior to its division following the Second World War, and now the path lay open for its re-establishment in the former Democratic Republic of Germany once again.