Fédération Du Scoutisme Français (FSF)

Girl Guiding/Girl Scouting introduced: 1921 - Founder Member of WAGGGS
Number of Girl Guides/Girl Scouts: 41335 (31/12/2012)
Status: Full Member
Admits boys: Yes

WAGGGS Region:


Contact us

Commissaire Internationale Fédérale En Lien Avec L'Amge
65 Rue De La Glacière
75013 PARIS

Telephone: 00 33143370357
Fax: 00 33147079072

Development of the movement:


Girl Guiding/Girl Scouting in France is carried out under the auspices of Scoutisme Féminin Français, composed of the female members of five Associations. Each Association has units throughout France, and is structured on a local level by department and by region. Scoutisme Féminin Français has a commission composed of the International Commissioners from the five Associations. The commission meets regularly to discuss general issues affecting Girl Guiding/Girl Scouting in France, to further good relations by exchanging ideas on common problems, and to promote international understanding. Scoutisme Féminin Français is headed in rotation by one of the International Commissioners for a period of three years.