Girl Guides Association of Cyprus (GGCA)

Girl Guiding/Girl Scouting introduced: 1912
Number of Girl Guides/Girl Scouts: 1754 (31/12/2012)
Status: Full Member
Admits boys: No

WAGGGS Region:


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The Girl Guides Association of Cyprus
Po Box 25210
1307, Nicosia

Telephone: +357 22 781587
Fax: +357 22 779218


Girl Guide Promise

I promise on my honour that I will do my best:
To do my duty to God and Cyprus,
To help other people always,
To obey the Guide Law.

Butterfly Promise

I promise to do my best:
To do my duty to God and Cyprus;
To help other people always and bring happiness at home.


Girl Guide Law

1 The word of honour of a Guide is to be believed and respected.

2 A Guide is loyal and obedient to her parents and her elders.

3 A Guide is useful and always helps others.

4 A Guide is friendly to all.

5 A Guide is courteous and affable.

6 A Guide loves, respects and protects the environment.

7 A Guide is consistent and punctual.

8 A Guide is calm, optimistic and joyful.

9 A Guide is conscientious, tidy and thrifty.

10 A Guide is pure in her thoughts, words and deeds.

Butterfly Law

The Butterfly obeys her elders.
The Butterfly does not think only of herself but is a friend and sister to all other Butterflies


Girl Guide Motto - Be Prepared

Butterfly Motto - Help everywhere always

Age groups:

Senior Guide/

Prospective Leader 16-18

Sea/Air/Forest Guide 13-15

Guide 10-12

Butterfly 7-9

Chrysalid 5-6

Development of the movement:

Although Lone Guides are known to have existed on the island since 1912, written records of Guide companies functioning as a branch of the UK Guides Association appear from 1930. In 1960 the Cyprus Republic was proclaimed and the Girl Guides Association of Cyprus was officially established. The Association admits to membership those persons who voluntarily enrol, irrespective of creed, colour, race or nationality, and without any distinction whatsoever, provided they adopt the principles of the Association. In 1974 the Association was awarded the Walter Donald Ross Certificate of Merit for outstanding service rendered to the refugees of Cyprus.

In 1989 the Association hosted the 6th European Scouts and Guides Conference, in co-operation with the Cyprus Scouts Association.

During the last decade, rapid social and other changes occurred in Cyprus. The Girl Guides Association of Cyprus, taking into serious consideration the successive changes and the role it has to play in the development of girls and young women in Cyprus, created a committee which consists of members of the Association holding key positions. These members co-operate with professionals and other experts when needed. They study the situation in depth and send in their recommendations regarding the formation of the programme so that it applies to the needs of the girls and young women of today.


The aim of the Association is to enrich the education and to develop the character and personality of the Cypriot girl and young woman through the Guiding programme.

The Guiding programme is balanced, based on the four basic elements which are: spiritual development; health and hygiene; skills; offer of service. All five branches cover a three-year age span in response to girls’ rapidly changing abilities and demands.

World Association policy, world issues and UN programmes are adapted and incorporated into the programme of each branch.

The World Citizenship programme has been successfully incorporated at all levels and projects on all themes are well under development.

Even though 38 per cent of the island has been under occupation for the last 28 years, the displaced Guide Districts are still functioning in the free areas of the island maintaining their integrity and identity.

Relationship to society:

Much importance is given to community projects such as those on Peace; Human

Since 1995, the Association has been working on a Pilot Peer Education Programme for the prevention of HIV/AIDS, from the age of ten years onward. The Association has a leading role in the Cyprus National Committee for HIV/AIDS. Rights; Cultural Heritage; Environment; Development of Women; Offer of Service; and Health.

The Association is actively involved in community life and participates in events organized by the Government and other children’s, youth and women’s organizations, as well as of the Youth Board and CYCIC. It has a consultative status in several committees aiming to support the welfare of the child.

Communication and Co-operation

Cyprus considers the international aspect of Guiding as a basic element for the development of the Association. World issues are usually included in the themes of the seminars and conferences for young leaders, and members participate in European and world seminars and other events. Exchange programmes for the Senior Guides branch are welcome with any country interested. Camp programmes welcome any international participation, and groups of children outside the Movement are often hosted in camps.

The Association has good relations with the mass media, local authorities and other organizations. It is a member of the Cyprus Youth Board, the Committee for the Protection and Welfare of the Child, the Cyprus Thalassaemia Association, the Blood Donation Committee and the Anti-Cancer Society. There is good co-operation with other local, cultural, environmental, youth and women’s organizations.


The Association holds training sessions, with a duration ranging from a few hours to eight days. Training is planned for Patrol Leaders, prospective and active leaders, camp leaders, prospective trainers, trainers, adult members, members of committees, and members of parents/friends councils.

The Association worked hard to prepare the Association of Belarussian Guides for Associate Membership of WAGGGS in 1996. The Association still supports the Association of Belarussian Guides, which became a Full Member in 2002, in many ways including training sessions, projects and camps.

The Association owns a small training centre at Governor’s Beach. A plot of land has been granted by the Government at Kapedhes village, and plans are under way for the construction of a fully equipped modern training centre, which will be able to provide accommodation for 100 participants for training events, seminars or conferences. There will also be an area for outdoor camping.

Outdoor and Environmental Activities

Summer camps are a regular feature of Guiding in Cyprus. The Girl Guides Association of Cyprus owns a campsite on Troodos Mountain and one at Governor’s Beach on the coast between Larnaca and Limassol. The Association also has access to other premises suitable for environmental activities, which are of a very high standard for all age groups. There is a close co-operation with the Environmental Research and Information Centre, ECOGNOSIA, in Nicosia as well as the Cyprus Conservation Foundation and Environmental Studies Centre in Paphos. The Association is a member of the Cyprus Environmental Society.

Sea activities are also part of the Association’s programme with the help of well-trained individuals. A good team of resource persons who have different professional knowledge and skills supports the environmental projects, offering members a sound non-formal education through various activities.