Girl Guides of Canada-Guides du Canada

Girl Guiding/Girl Scouting introduced: 1910 - Founder Member of WAGGGS
Number of Girl Guides/Girl Scouts: 92000 (05/06/2013)
Status: Full Member
Admits boys: No

WAGGGS Region:

Western Hemisphere / Hemisferio Occidental

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International Commissioner
50 Merton Street

Telephone: 00 14164875281
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I promise to do my best

to be true to myself, my beliefs and Canada.

I will take action for a better world

and respect the Guiding Law.


Je promets de faire de mon mieux,

d’être fidèle à moi-même, à mes croyances et au Canada,

d’agir pour un monde meilleur

et de respecter la Loi guide.


Brownie Promise

I promise to do my best,

To be true to myself, my beliefs and Canada,

I will take action for a better world

And respect the Brownie Law.

Brownie Promesse

Je promets de faire de mon mieux,

d’être fidèle à moi-même, à mes croyances et au Canada,

d’agir pour un monde meilleur

et d'accepter la Loi des Brownies.


The Guiding Law challenges me to:

  • be honest and trustworthy
  • use my resources wisely
  • respect myself and others
  • recognize and use my talents and abilities
  • protect our common environment
  • live with courage and strength
  • share in the sisterhood of Guiding

La Loi guide m'invite à:

  • être honnête et digne de confiance,
  • utiliser mes ressources avec sagesse,
  • me respecter et respecter les autres,
  • connaître et utiliser mes talents et habiletés,
  • protéger notre environnement commun,
  • être forte et courageuse,
  • partager la solidarité du mouvement guide


Guide Motto

Be Prepared - Toujours prêt

Brownie Motto

Lend a Hand - Rendre service

Age groups:

Ranger 15-17

Pathfinder 12-15

Guide 9-12

Brownie 7-9

Spark 5-6

Guides franco-canadiennes

Aînée 17

Kamsok 14-16

Guide 11-13

Jeannette 8-10

Etincelle 6-7

Development of the movement:

The first Canadian Guide units were established in Ontario in 1910; in 1911 the first Guide camps were held, and by 1912 Guiding had spread across Canada. In 1917 the Canadian Council of Girl Guides was incorporated by an Act of Parliament. In 1961 the organization became known as Girl Guides of Canada-Guides du Canada.

Throughout its history, Girl Guides of Canada has prepared girls to meet the challenges that they face in their lives head on. Whether it was girls learning to bandage wounds during the First World War or girls today working on their anti-bullying badge, Canadian Guiding is continually evolving to reflect the needs and interests of contemporary girls and women.

In the last 100 years, 7 million Canadian girls and women have been connected to Guiding. Events marking the 100th anniversary of Guiding in Canada took place across the country throughout 2010.


Canadian Guiding’s innovative programming helps the next generation of Canadian girls become confident, courageous and resourceful leaders. With a strong focus on community involvement, the environment and healthy living, Girl Guides of Canada’s hands-on activities reflect the needs and interests of today’s girls. From camps and international travel experiences to badges such as Streetwise, Eating Local, Fashion and Career Awareness, Girl Guides of Canada offers Canadian girls the opportunity to challenge themselves and develop lifelong skills.

Girl Engagement

To motivate every girl to achieve girl greatness, Girl Guides of Canada provides girls with the information and opportunities they need to succeed while ensuring that girls’ views are reflected in our programming and organizational priorities. From Sparks suggesting camp activities to Rangers leading their own community greening projects, the Guiding program in Canada enables girls to develop leadership and life-skills and in turn improve their communities, their country, and the world.

Our current cutting edge programming includes:

  • Girls United Challenge: Gives girls tips and strategies to stand up against bullying, support each other and create a safe and caring environment for their peers.
  • Girl EmPower Challenge: Offers age-specific activities to help girls learn more about healthy, equal, non-violent relationships.
  • Love Yourself Challenge: Builds and encourages healthy self-esteem and positive body image. Girls explore aspects of body image, self-esteem and health and nutrition.
  • Girls For Safer Communities: Aims to increase awareness about the safety concerns of girls and women while mobilizing girls to become leaders in their communities.
  • National Service Project – Tree Planting: Through a $500 grant, Girl Guides of Canada’s tree planting program offers a hands-on way to make communities greener – one tree at a time.

Outdoor and Environmental Activities

Outdoor activities and environmental stewardship play a pivotal role in the Canadian Guiding experience. Our camping and other nature activities focus on the enjoyment and appreciation of the outdoors, and incorporate caring for the environment, camping with friends, learning new skills and sharing adventure.

Units also regularly participate in neighbourhood clean-ups and our Tree Planting Grant program offers funds to support community greening projects.


Girl Guides of Canada-Guides du Canada, the organization of choice for girls and women, makes a positive difference in the life of every girl and woman who experiences Guiding so she can contribute responsibly to her communities.


Girl Guides of Canada-Guides du Canada enables girls to be confident, resourceful and courageous, and to make a difference in the world.


The stated values for Girl Guides of Canada-Guides du Canada are stipulated in the Promise and Law.

Relationship to society:

Canadian Guiding has a vital role in the social fabric of our communities. Integral to providing service is learning to be aware of the needs of others and the inter-relationships in society. While girls in Guiding learn to ‘lend a hand’, the Movement also raises awareness of the issues affecting Canadian girls and women.

Units are encouraged to participate in Canada’s annual National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women (December 6). The National Day of Action Challenge is a chance to learn more about the prevalence of violence, the importance of healthy relationships and how to speak out against violence in our communities.

Communication and Co-operation

As a Charter Member of WAGGGS, Girl Guides of Canada takes an active role in furthering the goals of Girl Guiding/Girl Scouting.  Canada has a strong tradition of lending a hand to girls and women in countries all over the world:

Canadian World Friendship Fund
The Canadian World Friendship Fund is a special voluntary fund which helps support international Guiding by assisting in travel expenses for international events, and supporting the World Centres.  

Twinning Projects

Girl Guides of Canada’s International Twinning Program has provided financial aid for community projects in countries such as Dominica, Uganda and Sri Lanka, while offering opportunities for international education to Canadian girls.  

Girl Guides of Canada’s website – - contains information on all aspects of Guiding in Canada. It includes pages on the different branches, details on current initiatives and upcoming events. It also offers parents a place to search for Guiding Units in their neighbourhood and start the registration process.

Canadian Guider, our magazine for adult members and Rangers, offers ideas and inspiring stories that will help them offer dynamic and engaging programs to girls. International subscriptions are available.

Guiding Matters is an e-newsletter offering a timely snapshot of the many unique Guiding programs and events right across Canada that are empowering girls to do extraordinary things. Subscribe to Guiding Matters.

Social media platformsoffer a valuable way for those interested in Canadian Guiding to network, collaborate and share with us and our communities. It’s a valuable tool for members to find out about Guiding news in their area, across Canada and around the world.


GGC is dedicated to helping Guiders develop their skills and competencies to support and engage girls in their programming. The GGC training program offers training for those working directly with girls, outdoor activity leadership as well as various enrichment and personal development training. Essential administrative training is provided to support the management of the organization. Face-to-face learning opportunities are offered regularly, while the flexibility of e-learning is a popular option with many busy Guiders.







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