Pfadfinder und Pfadfinderinnen Österreichs (PPO)

Girl Guiding/Girl Scouting introduced: pre-1914
Number of Girl Guides/Girl Scouts: 9983 (31/12/2012)
Status: Full Member
Admits boys: Yes

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Versprechen der Pfadfinderin

Ich verspreche bei meiner Ehre, dass ich mein Bestes tun will, Gott und meinem Lande zu dienen, meinen Mitmenschen zu helfen und nach unserem Gesetz zu leben.

Girl Guide Promise

I promise on my honour that I will do my best to serve God and my country, to help my fellow man and to live by our Law.

Versprechen der Wichtel

Ich verspreche, so gut ich kann, ein gutes Wichtel zu sein, nach unserem Gesetz zu leben, und bitte Gott, mir dabei zu helfen.

Brownie Promise

I promise as well as I can, to be a good Brownie, to live by our Law and, God willing, to thereby help myself.


Gesetz der Pfadfinderin

1 Die Pfadfinderin sucht den Weg zu Gott.

2 Die Pfadfinderin ist treu und hilft, wo sie kann.

3 Die Pfadfinderin achtet alle Menschen und sucht sie zu verstehen.

4 Die Pfadfinderin überlegt, entscheidet sich und handelt danach.

5 Die Pfadfinderin lebt einfach und schützt die Natur.

6 Die Pfadfinderin ist fröhlich und unverzagt.

7 Die Pfadfinderin nützt ihre Fähigkeiten.

8 Die Pfadfinderin führt ein gesundes Leben.

Girl Guide Law

1 A Guide seeks the way to God.

2 A Guide is loyal and helps where she can.

3 A Guide pays attention to all human beings and seeks to understand them.

4 A Guide considers, decides for herself and acts accordingly.

5 A Guide lives simply and protects nature.

6 A Guide is happy and does not despair.

7 A Guide uses her abilities.

8 A Guide leads a healthy life.


Gesetz der Wichtel

1 Das Wichtel tut sein Bestes.

2 Das Wichtel hilft freudig, wo es kann

Brownie Law

1 A Brownie does her best.

2 A Brownie helps cheerfully wherever she can.



Motto der Pfadfinderin - Allzeit bereit

Girl Guide Motto - Be Prepared

Motto der Wichtel - So gut ich kann

Brownie Motto - As well as I can

Age groups:

Ranger Ranger 16 - 19

Caravelle Caravelle 13 - 16

Pfadfinderin Guide 10 - 13

Wichtel Brownie 7 - 10

Development of the movement:

Girl Guiding in Austria began before the First World War and a national organization was formed in 1924. But due to an increasingly difficult political situation, all Guiding activities had ceased by 1938. After the Second World War Guiding activities began again throughout the country.

The Österreichischer Pfadfinderinnen-verband St Georg merged with the Pfadfinder Österreichs in 1976 to form the Pfadfinder und Pfadfinderinnen Österreichs (PPÖ).


With the merging of the two Associations in 1976 a new common programme for Guides and Scouts was introduced, retaining valuable contents and material from the recently renewed girls’ programme, which met the needs of both girls and boys. After 15 years working as a merged association and in order to be able to lead the way into the 21st century, the social structure and changing values in their society were studied. Working with young people, new programmes were developed and adopted.

The programme has eight points, each linked to a clause of the Law. There are compulsory challenges for each clause, and further challenges which may be chosen by the individual from a wide selection of options. Disabled members of the Association are integrated into units. Development in Central and Eastern Europe is opening up new contacts and possibilities for the Association. PPÖ chose ‘Food & Nutrition’ for the Building World Citizenship theme and developed a partnership with Latvian Girl Guides and Boy Scouts.  This partnership included an exchange programme in Austria and visits to the National Jamborees in Latvia and Austria.  Together with Latvia, PPÖ were the first European Association to be awarded the WAGGGS/FAO award (August 2001).

Relationship to society:

The Pfadfinder und Pfadfinderinnen Österreichs created the activity ‘Helping with heart and hand’. In India, a school was constructed in the leprosy village near Sangam, and in Brazil, a project took place for street children in Rio Niteroi. Current projects in preparation include ‘Water is Life’, building a well for a village in Uganda, and a health project, working together with Christoffel Blindenmission, to support the study of a young doctor specializing in eye operations for babies, children and young people in Nairobi, Kenya.

For people in need, especially in Kosovo, the PPÖ started a fundraising activity called ‘My pocket money for Kosovo’ and gave their money to the Austrian refugee village in Kosovo.

Communication and Co-operation

The PPÖ enjoys good relations with the community. The media is kept informed and events are publicized. Recent activities have included: a project together with UNICEF for street children, especially girls, in Rio Niteroi; and Peace Pack activities together with UNHCR for Bosnian refugee children in Croatia. Furthermore, their youth policies working group has produced a kit about children's rights ‘Alles was recht ist’. They worked on the European campaign: ‘All different – all equal’, producing postcards entitled ‘Sag was’ and sending them to politicians and other famous people all over Austria, in order to hear their opinions on racism and xenophobia. A kit about democratic understanding and work against racism called, ‘Demo-crazy-Now’, was produced.


The training of youth leaders and trainers has priority within the Association and is regularly offered at district and national levels.  Just recent to publication, PPÖ has had a change in their structure to allow young people in the Association more say in the decision making process.

The Association has published a series of handbooks for each age group and for the leaders. The handbooks cover training, leading a unit, spiritual dimension, international education and democracy.

Outdoor and Environmental Activities

Camps for all age groups are held throughout the year, and the Association welcomes Girl Guides/Girl Scouts from other countries. In 1981 the merged Association held its first international camp, AJA 81, with 6,000 participants, including guests from 30 countries. In 1991 DONAU 91, the second international camp of that size, was organized. In 1993 the Association hosted Eurofolk. In the summer of 2001 the PPÖ held their third National Jamboree ‘’ in Salzburg with over 6000 participants.

WWF Austria and PPÖ are working as partners in preparing environmental programmes for children and young people.