Girl Guides (Girl Scouts) of Thailand

Girl Guiding/Girl Scouting introduced: 1957
Number of Girl Guides/Girl Scouts: 57731 (31/12/2012)
Status: Full Member
Admits boys: Yes

WAGGGS Region:

Asia Pacific

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Kum Patiyan Khong Roon Klang & Roon Yai

Duey giat Khong Kapajow
Kapajow Kaw Patiyan Wa:
Kapajow ja patibat na-tee un pueng mee taw chart, sassana, pra mahakasat;
Kapajow ja chuey luer poo uen smer;
Kapajow chuer lae ja patibat tam goht kong kana poo bumpen prayote.

Guide/Senior Guide Promise

On my honour I promise:
To do my duty to my country, my religion and the King,
To help other people at all times,
To obey the Guide Law.

Kum Patiyan Khong Roon Nok Si Fa (Bluebird Promise)

Duey giat Khong Kapajow. Kapajow Kaw Patiyan Wa: Kapajow ja patibat na-tee un pueng mee taw chart, sassana, pra mahakasat; Kapajow ja chuey luer poo uen smer; Kapajow chuer lae ja patibat tam goht kong Nok Si Fa.


Bluebird Promise

I promise to do my best to do my duty to my country, my religion and the King. I promise to help other people every day, especially those at home.


Goht Khong Roon Kalng & Roon Yai

1 Tum ton hai pen tee chuer tue lae wai wang jai dai.

2 Suesat.

3 Tam ton hai pen prayote lae chuey luer poo uen smer.

4 Pen mit gub kon tung lai lae tue pen pee nong gub poo bumpen prayote ruam kana.

5 Supab on nom.

6 Metta karuna taw sut.

7 Chuer fung lae patibut tam kumsung.

8 Oht ton taw kwam yark lumbark duey jai ra rerng.

9 Muttayut.

10 Sujarit prom gai vaja jai.

Girl Guide Law

1 A Guide’s honour is to be trusted.

2 A Guide is loyal.

3 A Guide’s duty is to be useful and to help others.

4 A Guide is a friend to all and a sister to every other Guide.

5 A Guide is courteous.

6 A Guide is a friend to animals.

7 A Guide obeys orders.

8 A Guide smiles and sings under all difficulties.

9 A Guide is thrifty.

10 A Guide is pure in thought, word and deed.


Goht Khong Roon Nok Si Fa (Bluebird Law)

1 Nok Seefar Kaorop lae cheua Fang Pu Mee Arwuso.

2 Nok Seefar Mai Nuck Thueng Tae Ton Eng Tao Nan.

3 Nok Seefar cha Tong Pued Tae Kwam Jing.

4 Nok Seefar Ja Tong Saad lae pen rabeub.

5 Nok Seefar Tam Ngarn lae len duay Jitjai rarueng lae raksa Kotken.


Bluebird Law

1 The Bluebird respects and obeys her elders.

2 The Bluebird does not think of herself only.

3 The Bluebird only speaks the truth.

4 The Bluebird is clean and in order.

5 The Bluebird works and plays cheerfully and nicely.


Katipot Kohong Roon Klang & Roon Yai

Triam prom smer

Girl Guide Motto - Be Prepared

Bluebird Motto - Chuey luer poo uen smer
(Lend a Hand)

Age groups:

Senior Guide 16-21

Guide 11-15

Bluebird 7-11

Littlebird 4-6

Development of the movement:

Girl Guiding began in Thailand in 1957 and the Girl Guides Association of Thailand was formally registered in 1958. The Association received visits from World Association trainers, and Guiding expanded rapidly with the formation of Guide companies all over the country. In 1962 the Association was granted Royal Patronage by Her Majesty Queen Sirikit.

The Association’s headquarters in Bangkok were opened in 1967 and consist of an administrative block with adjoining hostel which provides facilities for visiting Association members, guest rooms, a cafeteria, Guide shop, swimming pool, sauna and training facilities where courses are run for girls and young women.


The programme for all age groups follows ten points with emphasis on the following four: character building, health, handicrafts and service. The programme for Senior Guides stresses service; duty to religion and country; international understanding; and the development of skills useful to society and the individual.

The programme for outside school units emphasizes occupational training such as sewing, embroidery and the making of all the Association’s uniforms and badges. Courses are offered in basic nursing for the elderly and infant children as well as training for running small businesses and local co-operatives in Wiang Papao, Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai and Surin provinces.

Scholarships are available for young women to progress with higher education. In addition to these programmes, participants are encouraged to develop leadership qualities, and an awareness of personal health and hygiene.

Relationship to society:

The Girl Guides Association of Thailand runs numerous projects in rural communities and aims to provide skill sets for girls and young women enabling them to be financially self-sufficient.

Projects include the provision of a revolving fund for girls, housewives and their families to be able to purchase equipment and materials for producing items that can be sold; as income is generated so the initial loan is repaid.

Work with hill-tribe communities in rural areas on sanitation projects is particularly prevalent in the north of the country where the Association works closely with local people to ensure the provision of adequate drainage and clean water.

Child care centres have been established by the Association and they continue to train local girls and young women to take care of and provide for the children left in their care while their parents are working. These projects aim to provide non-formal education for children as well as basic education in health and hygiene. It gives children a chance to enjoy themselves and to experience new things.

Opportunities are regularly available for cultural exchange programmes within the country where girls are able to learn about their own culture and heritage. They may then have the opportunity to share this knowledge with international visitors who participate in the Association’s Amazing Thailand programmes which are based on the Building World Citizenship theme.

Communication and Co-operation

The Girl Guides Association of Thailand has an ongoing exchange programme with the United Kingdom. It shares an annual camp and service project with the Girl Scouts of Japan, publishes a monthly newsletter called ‘San Si Fha’ and receives good support from the public and non-governmental organizations.

The Association is also active in supporting the establishment of Guiding in both Laos and Cambodia, offering training where it can and opportunities to share in many activities.

UBICEF supported the Association in organizing the Child Rights Project in Thailand from April 2001-2002.


The training department at headquarters employs full-time trainers who are supported by volunteer trainers all over the country. The Association provides opportunities for good trainers to travel abroad and to go to government institutions for further training. The Association supports local councils with the provision of leadership training for women, which increases their opportunity of becoming council members and representing the needs of girls and young women in their local areas.

Outdoor and Environmental Activities

The Girl Guides Association of Thailand is conscious of the threat of pollution and the need to protect the environment. The Association holds regular camps to raise the awareness of the girls in areas of recycling, the ecosystem and protecting nature and water. These camps are theme based; examples are Water is Life and Nature is Life.