About the World Centres

Have you had your first World Centre experience yet? Have you felt that magical sensation of being part of something inspiring, supportive and powerful, an international experience that enables you to grow and lead, to discover your potential and change the world?

The World Centres are located across the globe, from riverside to mountain top. Wherever they are, the World Centre experience remains the same. That’s what keeps Girl Guides and Girl Scouts coming back time after time, that unique combination of selfdevelopment, learning and adventure, of leaving with more than you arrived with, including friendships from around the world, knowledge to make a difference and the skills to lead the way.

You will have access to workshops and training on global topics such as leadership, advocacy and community action or you can simply come as an independent guest. You will witness the amazing sights, sounds and people where each World Centre is based. You can visit for the day or stay for a week, or even volunteer for a month!

However you chose to visit your World Centres, your experience won’t finish at the end of your stay. You will return home with the confidence and skills to create change back home.

To be part of a World Centre experience is to be part of the history of Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting and is something every Girl Guide and Girl Scout should feel. And once you’ve been to one, you’ll want to see them all!

Start your World Centre story today...


Our Chalet

Our Chalet in Adelboden, Switzerland was the first World Centre.
For over 80 years it has been an international meeting place where Guides and Scouts can experience Swiss culture, grow through challenges in the outdoors, and form life-long friendships. During the winter months from December to March you can experience a mix of outdoor activities, including skiing, snowshoeing and sledding. Other seasons offer excellent hiking, rock climbing and abseiling. All year round we offer interactive evening programmes. You are welcome to join us as an independent guest for a short stay or participate in one of our many international events.


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Pax Lodge

Come and enjoy historical and cultural aspects of London and Girl Guiding, including many mementoes of Olave Baden-Powell. During June to September we focus on Discover London week long packages where you can experience the excitement of city life, develop leadership skills and live in an international Centre. We offer a selection of day and evening programmes for members of WAGGGS that you can add to your weekend or holiday booking. Throughout the year we welcome bed and breakfast visitors and conference delegates.


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Our Cabaña

Our Cabaña in Cuernavaca, Mexico, is run by our Member Organization Guias de Mexico. It offers the chance to experience the unique culture of Mexico and its traditions, history and people.Set in five acres of landscaped gardens with a tennis court, basketball court, swimming pool and craft house Our Cabaña is a haven away from home. Events encourage team building and international friendship, and provide you with opportunities to work on WAGGGS projects and initiatives. Our Cabaña is pleased to offer a new Community Programme – living at Our Cabaña and working with our Community Partners. All seminars and events are delivered in English and Spanish and include a community service project.


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Travelling to India and to Sangam in Pune is an exciting experience!
All kinds of visitors are welcome at Sangam, whether you want to stop by for the day, stay at Sangam while exploring Pune on your own, attend a Sangam event, or even use Sangam's campsite for a night under the stars! At Sangam we have a focus on community leadership. Our ‘Be the Change’ events explore the United Nations Millennium Development Goals and empower you to take action in your home country. You can also participate in events focussed on exploring culture and celebrating Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting and Indian culture. Participate in the Community Programme living at Sangam and working with our Community Partners. Whatever experience you choose it will be unforgettable!


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Fifth World Centre

The Fifth World Centre pilot is an exciting new project, exploring how WAGGGS can provide an international experience using existing facilities in Africa. The venue changes for each event in order to enable more girls and women across the globe to get a real World Centre experience. Three pilot events with different themes have already taken place, hosted by Member Organizations from Ghana, South Africa and Rwanda. These included seminars on fund development, leadership development and training on the Stop The Violence campaign.
The project aims to build the training capacity of Member Organisations, using the methods and experiences of existing World Centres as models. The project continues, using the lessons learned from the four events, addressing the needs of young girls and young women to grow and lead, acting with and in the community. To find out more, visit


Fifth World Centre
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