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Eclaireuses et Eclaireurs Unionistes De France (EEUF)

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15 Rue Klock
92110 CLICHY

Telephone: 00 33142705220
Fax: 00 33147304030


Promesse des Eclaireuses/Eclaireurs

Je promets de faire tout mon possible pour écouter la Parole de Dieu, me mettre au service des autres, vivre la Loi.

Girl Scout/Scout Promise

I promise to do everything possible to listen to God’s word, help others, live in accordance with the Guide Law.

Promesse des Louvettes/Louveteaux

Avec l’aide de toute la meute, je promets, de faire de mon mieux pour respecter la Loi et la Charte de la meute, connaître Jésus, aider les autres, et…

Brownie/Cub Promise

With the help of the Pack, I promise to do my best to obey the Law and the Charter of the Pack, to get to know Jesus, to help others, and…


Loi des Eclaireuses/Eclaireurs

Une Eclaireuse, un Eclaireur :

Tient parole et ne fait rien à moitié, on peut lui faire confiance.

Réfléchit avant d’agir, est responsable de ses actes.

Vit en équipe, apprend à écouter et à partager.

Développe ses compétences et les met au service des autres.

Respecte, connaît et protège la nature.

Prend soin de son corps et de sa santé.

Conserve bonne humeur et maîtrise de soi, même dans les difficultés.


Girl Scout/Scout Law

A Girl Scout, a Scout:

Keeps her/his word and does not do things by halves, she/he can be trusted.

Thinks before she/he acts, takes responsibility for her/his actions.

Lives in a team, learns to listen and share.

Develops her/his skills and puts them at the service of others.

Respects, gets to know and protects nature.

Takes care of her/his body and health.

Is cheerful and self-controlled, even in difficulties.


Loi des Louvettes/Louveteaux

Chaque Louveteau, chaque Louvette
dans la bonne humeur,
fait de son mieux,
respecte les autres, et
vit l’aventure de la meute.

Brownie/Cub Law

Each Cub, each Brownie,
is cheerful,
tries his/her best,
respects others, and
lives the adventure of the Pack.


Devise des Eclaireuses/Eclaireurs - Sois prête

Girl Scout/Scout Motto - Be prepared

Devise des Louvettes/Louveteaux - De notre mieux

Brownie/Cub Motto - The Best We Can

Age groups:

Aînée Ranger 15-18

Eclaireuse/Eclaireur Girl Scout /Scout 12-15

Louvette/Louveteau Brownie/Cub 8-11

Development of the movement:

In 1970 the Fédération Française des Eclaireuses Unionistes merged with the Eclaireurs Unionistes de France to become the Fédération des Eclaireuses et Eclaireurs Unionistes de France, a co-educational federation providing a Protestant education.


In the Junior Branch most of the packs are mixed, as are the patrols within them. In the Intermediate Branch and the Rangers, both mixed and single-sex units operate. Whenever there is a mixed unit, a balance between girls and boys must be maintained and the proportion cannot be higher than 60/40 per cent. Mixed units are headed by a team of male and female leaders. The Association integrates disabled and migrant members into open units.

Relationship to society:

The Association publicizes its events and activities through the local and national press and through television reports included in weekly Protestant programmes. They also publish various periodicals: Le Lien, for leaders; Kotick, for members of the Junior Branch; and AEIOU, for members of the Intermediate Branch.


The Association emphasizes the need for thorough training, and has a three-tier training programme. The first tier involves leaders from the age of 17 who receive training under four headings: knowledge of the child and the teenager; essential elements of Girl Scouting; the role of the unit; and activities. Training in special skills such as sailing, pottery and gymnastics is also provided.

The second tier involves leaders from the age of 19, with some training experience, and aims to further their general training and teach them how to run a camp. Personal development plays a more important part at this level. The third tier is the training of trainers, which is organized at national level, includes educational theory and aims at developing relations with young people.