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The curriculum

Participants complete the curriculum, by completing six sessions from the activity books. Each session reflects one of the curriculum’s six core learning outcomes:

  • START - to develop a safe and supportive space for children and young people to talk about gender inequality and violence against girls and young women
  • THINK - about gender equality and what it means to be ‘me’. To understand gender roles, norms and expectations and start to promote equality
  • IDENTIFY -understand different forms of violence against women and girls and recognize the warning signs of violence
  • SUPPORT –respectful relationships. To develop skills to form their own relationships and support their friends
  • SPEAK OUT  – for girls’ rights and raise awareness of women and girls’ human rights
  • TAKE ACTION – to stop the violence. To develop and run a campaign event or activity within the local community to stop violence against girls and young women

The curriculum consists of a Handbook to support the leader and then four individual age activity books for each age group.

Leader’s Handbook

Voices against violence - HandbookThe Voices against Violence Leader’s Handbook has been written for the leader delivering the curriculum to help them deliver a relevant and exciting badge curriculum to stop violence against girls and young women. The Handbook has three sections:

  1. Section one introduces the curriculum.
  2. Section two provides you with a preparation checklist that will help you to get ready for delivering the curriculum, including conducting a risk assessment to assess the impact on the community and to deliver the curriculum safely.
  3. Section three is full of factsheets, guidance and tools to help you to develop your knowledge and skills to deliver the activities.

Download the Voices against Violence Leader’s Handbook to start preparing to deliver the curriculum. Find out how you can use the curriculum and access the activity books .

Who are the activities aimed at?

The activities in this curriculum have been developed for Girl Guides and Girl Scout groups, youth organizations, schools and other groups to use. The curriculum can be used by girl-only groups and by co-educational groups and has been developed for worldwide use – it can be adapted for different cultural, social and legal contexts. It provides a wide variety of activities that can be selected to respond to different learning needs and objectives.

Age Groups

Voices against Violence - Early yearsThe curriculum is divided into four age groups for early (aged five to seven), young (aged eight to 11), middle (aged 12 to 16) and older years (aged 17 to 25). There are age appropriate activities within each section that focus on different forms of violence against girls and young women. It is up to the leader to decide what sessions are suitable for their group and.

Download a copy of the Voices against Violence brochure for a teaser of the activities on offer in the Voices against Violence curriculum.

As safety is a priority in the delivery of the curriculum, the activity books are not downloadable off the WAGGGS website. Instead you need to request a copy of the curriculum from WAGGGS and undergo any necessary training beforehand. Find out more on how you can access the curriculum here.

Your comments

HOY SOCHIVANNY, Acting Chief Commissioner of GGAC - 16 November 2013 - 4.57AM (GMT)

We want to add our voices of Girl Guides of Cambodia to the Stop the violence in the 16 Days campaign on Violence Against Women and Girls from 25 November to 10 December 2013 on: 1) 7 Girl Guides participate to the National Consultation at National Level with NGO-CEDAW Committee on 25 November 2013; 2) 20 Girl Guides participate to National Campaign with Ministry of Women Affairs on 06 November 2013; 3) GGAC conduct 16 Days Campaign on VAW_G in GGAC office on 27 at Phnom Penh and we include the VAW-G Topic into Training Workshop on Strengtghe Capacity of 22 Unit Leaders for four days from 28 Nov-01 December 2013. I am from Cambodia [CAMBODIA].

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