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Voices against Violence curriculum - M&E By using the monitoring and evaluation tools in Voices against Violence Leader’s Handbook, WAGGGS and you will be able to assess your group’s existing knowledge and attitudes towards gender discrimination and violence against girls and young women. You can use this feedback to identify what issues are likely to be most relevant to your group, as well as to decide which activities and topics to focus on.

Evaluating the impact of the Voices Against Violence curriculum is essential to understanding how the work we are doing in the Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting Movement is contributing to stopping violence against girls and young women around the world.

The outcomes of the evaluation will be used by WAGGGS to communicate the impact of the Voices Against Violence programme and non-formal education  to governments, donors and key partners around the world, as well as to help WAGGGS improve its curriculums in the future.

The evaluation tools can be found at the end of the Leader’s Handbook. The tools should NEVER be used until a safe space has been set up and the preparations within the Leader’s Handbook have been completed. Before conducting the activities, make sure you are familiar with Section 2of the leader’s handbook. Violence is a sensitive and challenging topic to discuss and you must be prepared to handle the questions participants may have safely and sensitively. If any group member has any concerns about the content of the evaluation activities or discloses an incident of abuse, follow your association’s Child Protection Policy.

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