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Voices against Violence - FactsheetsAny organization, whether they be part of Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting or not, can deliver Voices against Violence. The curriculum is free to use. For safety reasons, we have not made it publicly available. Instead, we ask that any organization interested in using Voices against Violence submit an expression of interest to WAGGGS so we can assess their capacity to deliver a programme on such a sensitive and potentially harmful subject. WAGGGS will support organizations interested in delivering the curriculum to build their capacity to do so safely.

Download the Voices against Violence partner’s brochure and the Pathways to delivery for External Organizations or the Pathways to delivery for Member Organziations to understand more how you can use and access the curriculum. If you are interested in using the Voices against Violence curriculum submit an expression of interest form to

What support is provided by WAGGGS to deliver the Voices against Violence curriculum?

  • WAGGGS has set up a Monitoring and Evaluation system which is freely available for you to use so you can measure the impact the curriculum has on participants and your community and WAGGGS will share the results and learnings from the global data collected.
  • ACTIVATE events – partners are invited to send representatives from their organization to an initial training event, where they will review the curriculum, build capacity on gender based violence, develop implementation plans, learn about safety and ethical requirements and be trained to go back into their organization to then train the curriculum facilitators. Online ACTIVATE e-learning courses will soon be available as well.
  • A training package and Guidelines for implementation are available to all partner organizations and national associations. This is a training package to help organizations train leaders within their own organizations to prepare leaders/facilitators to be able to deliver the curriculum. These packs include practical tools such as Child Protection Policy templates and session plans for training events.
  • The Voices against Violence partner network is an online community where partners implementing the curriculum share best practice and ideas and mentor and support each other. WAGGGS can also set up specific support for some partners, either with another organization delivering the curriculum or directly with WAGGGS expert staff and volunteers.
  • In some cases, WAGGGS can provide organizations funding to roll out the curriculum or smaller grants for such things as attending training. We can also consider submitting joint funding applications with partners to third parties.
  • Voices against Violence and more general Stop the Violence campaign communication material, such as films, press releases, brochures and posters are developed by WAGGGS and can be used by partner organizations to promote their work

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