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Violence can be a sensitive and challenging issue to work on. Therefore, it is important that the Voices against Violence curriculum is delivered in a safe and supportive face. Facilitators of the curriculum will need to prepare themselves to be able to create a safe environment for those they work with.

WAGGGS ACTIVATE training  will prepare you to be able to create safe and supportive spaces. The Leader’s Handbook will also run through all the necessary safety measures you need to prepare before delivering the curriculum. 

Child Protection

All organizations who wish to deliver the Voices against Violence curriculum must have a safeguarding procedure in place. This is to ensure that any disclosure of violence by a young person would be correctly handled.  WAGGGS ACTIVATE training will train organizations on safeguarding and Child Protection policies. WAGGGS also has tools and Child Protection policy templates that can be adopted. Please email for assistance and advice on child protection policies and procedures. 

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Martina - 21 November 2013 - 5.50PM (GMT)

I want to add my voice to the Stop the violence campaign. I am from Germany

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