How WAGGGS is taking action

Through its Member Organizations, WAGGGS provides a high quality non-formal educational programme that provides dynamic, flexible and values-based training in life skills, leadership and decision-making.

Each Member Organization develops its own comprehensive educational programme. In addition to this, WAGGGS provides tools, badge curriculums and umbrella programmes to compliment national level programmes. These focus on international topics such as the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), leadership, community action, advocacy and self-development.

Projects by WAGGGS and its Member Organizations

WAGGGS is involved in a variety of projects around the world. These are undertaken at either world, regional or national level. These projects provide another way for WAGGGS to actively involve girls and young women in areas where they can make a difference.

We set up projects in a range of areas from environmental concerns, health and working towards peace to international understanding. These are just a few examples. We also provide opportunities for Member Organizations to reach out across the world and link up with different countries in an exchange of skills and resources.

WAGGGS works with a wide range of NGOs and UN agencies on projects where recognised specialists are required. This allows us to influence decision making in issues affecting girls and young women.

Mutual Aid Scheme

The Mutual Aid scheme aims to promote international co-operation, friendship and understanding among Member Organizations of WAGGGS. Through the Scheme, Member Organizations with higher incomes pledge funds to support projects run by Member Organizations in poorer countries. These projects vary in their nature, but are all designed to improve the lives of girls and young women, and their communities.

Search the project database

You can search through our database of projects by WAGGGS Member Organizations using a keyword and filter the list by topic, country and region.

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Kaitlyn - 11 July 2013 - 9.35AM (GMT)

I am a guide in Queensland, 15 years old. I love it and aim to complete my Queens Guide soon!!!

Booby jones - 25 November 2013 - 11.10PM (GMT)

Im a part of wagggs its fun

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