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Entered on: 11 January 2010

Russia -Help RADS to GROW in many different ways

Rossiskaya Assotsiatsia Devochek-Skautov(RADS) aims to train leaders to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to plan and realize the projects. These projects are aimed at solving the problems of local community, thus revealing the potential of girl-scouts and their leaders. By the end of the project, twenty eight girls and young women will have developed the skills to create socially important projects during their work on the project “Grow, RADS”. Fourteen RADS projects and programmes will have been developed which will get financial support for implementation.

This project has been funded by Girlguiding UK.

Member Organizations working on this project

  • Rossiskaya Assotsiatsia Devochek-Skautov (RADS)

Regions working on this project

  • Europe

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  • Membership
  • Mutual Aid

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