230 Membership Drive and Printing Equipment

Entered on: 7 January 2010

Belize - Increasing quality and membership through programme and promotion

The Girl Guides Association of Belizeis holding a membership drive to attract more Guide Leaders into the Association. It hopes to increase membership by 100% in the next year and provide training for new leaders. Part of the project will be to purchase a colour laser printer to produce more attractive promotion, programme, and training materials. Such materials will more actively engage the readers, and make for more successful promotion, programme, and training activities. Thanks to funding from Girl Scouts of the USA, the Association is seeking £2,500 to purchase a colour laser printer and supplies, and travel expenses for on-site training for new leaders.

Member Organizations working on this project

  • The Girl Guides Association of Belize

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  • Western Hemisphere

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  • Membership
  • Mutual Aid

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