226 Trafficking and Abuse of Girls

Entered on: 7 January 2010

Honduras - Help raise awareness and prevent the trafficking of girls

The Asociación Nacional de Muchachas Guías de Honduras has identified ten rural girl guiding groups with high rates of migration and risk of sexual exploitation and trafficking. The organization hopes to contribute to the prevention of trafficking through providing information and implementing preventative measures.
The planned activities include:
Strengthening leadership in rural girl guiding groups
Raising awareness in the community of the risks of trafficking
Setting up and strengthening existing local networks to ensure safety of girls
Provide training and opportunities for income generation and self-employment
This project has been funded by Associations in Luxembourg, Finland and Canada.

Member Organizations working on this project

  • Asociación Nacional De Muchachas Guías De Honduras

Regions working on this project

  • Western Hemisphere

Topics related to this project

  • Trafficking
  • Mutual Aid
  • Human Rights

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