220 Equality Project

Entered on: 4 July 2007

Belarus - Spreading knowledge of children's legal rights

The project aims to spread knowledge of law, specifically in the sphere of children’s rights. The training will combine this legal awareness with an understanding of girls involved in crime or in vulnerable situations. Teenagers should know their rights and responsibilities which are required by law. Young women’s education and personal development will not be complete without knowledge about their rights, without skills to protect them and an understanding of one’s responsibilities.

The project will give leaders the opportunity to develop their personal skills and leadership qualities through participating in the main activities and communicating with young people with different social backgrounds. Membership growth is expected as the result of working with potential members.

This project has been funded through a partnership with Pigespejdernes Fællesråd Danmark of Denmark.

Member Organizations working on this project

  • The Association of Belarussian Guides (ABG)

Regions working on this project

  • Europe

Topics related to this project

  • Education
  • Mutual Aid
  • Human Rights » Child Rights

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