198 Permanent Staff Salary

Entered on: 18 July 2006

The Association is seeking £5000 towards salaries for three permanent staff for a duration of two years. This is in order to rejuvenate the Association following the civil war in Côte d'Ivoire.The funds will enable the Association to acheive the following:- Training of Leaders.- Training in the creation of Guiding Units.- Revitalization of existing groups.There will be many direct and indirect benefits as a result of increased membership. Other activities will include:- Regularly carrying out an evaluation of the progress of newly started groups- Recording the performance of each trainer through regular evaluations.

Member Organizations working on this project

  • Fédération Ivoirienne Du Scoutisme Féminin

Regions working on this project

  • Africa

Topics related to this project

  • Mutual Aid

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