217 Recruitment and Retention

Entered on: 12 July 2006

Zimbabwe - Capacity building to strengthen the management of Girl Guiding/Girl Scouting

After the displacement of people during operation 'Murambatsuina' in Zimbabwe some leaders and units became displaced and people were scattered all over the country. Many units had to close due to lack of people attending, no finance and no moral support. Girl Guiding Association of Zimbabwe was seeking funding to assist young leaders to actively become involved in the management of the association by visiting and introducing new units. This project also hopes to increase its membership, build a better understanding amongst girl guides and leaders and to develop community spirit.

This project has been funded in full by Girlguiding UK and the Olave Baden-Powell Society.

Member Organizations working on this project

  • Girl Guides Association of Zimbabwe

Regions working on this project

  • Africa

Topics related to this project

  • Membership
  • Mutual Aid

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