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Entered on: 12 July 2006

Cambodia: New office equipment aids the smooth running of Headquarters

The Association was seeking funds in order to purchase much needed office equipment for the National Headquarters;
Staff will be trained to use the new equipment once it is purchased.
Maintenance will be funded through the Association's administration budget.
The laptop will be used during trainings as well as by the National Executive
or Commissioners where necessary. The GGAC office is outside the city, therefore a small photocopier is required to avoid the inconvenience of having to use a photocopying shop when urgent copies are required. The LCD projector will be used to give clearer and more professional presentations during trainings at GGAC HQ and in the provinces. The portable generator for use in the office and in the provinces is required because the electricity supply in Cambodia is subject to interruption.

As a result, once the equipment necessary for the running of the Association is acquired, it will increase efficiency of the National Office. Girls and young women are kept informed about current affairs in Guiding. The Community, government and NGOs receive more information on Guiding.

This project was funded in full by Girl Scouts of Japan.

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