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Entered on: 3 July 2006

Uganda - Boosting membership through permanent staff

Uganda Girl Guides Association is seeking funding to cover the salaries of two permanent members of staff for one year. Funding is required because of lack of membership fees. This is due to rebel insurgency, provision of free primary education so parents assume fees are paid by the government and funding received is usually for specific projects rather than day-to-day expenses.

Mutual Aid funding will result in well motivated staff who are able to write programmes, implement the training of 70 young leaders and provide girl guide activities efficiently. The association predicts 250 new members per district resulting in a total 14 000 per year.

This project has been funded in full by Guides New Zealand, Guides and Scouts of Denmark and Girl Guides Canada.

Member Organizations working on this project

  • The Uganda Girl Guides Association

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  • Africa

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  • Mutual Aid
  • Structure and Management

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