203 Health and Welfare of Children

Entered on: 30 September 2005

Pakistan: Supporting the provision of education facilities for women

The Pakistan Girl Guides Association decided to carry this project in Samsani village by the name of "Health and Welfare of Mother and Child" addressing some specific issues of Health, Literacy, Food and Nutrition, Recreation and Environment. Pakistan Girl Guides Association tries to create awareness among the children of non-formal basic education class, community members, working children, learners of literacy center, for women and income generation Programme. In the village a Health Unit is functioning to provide medical facilities and mother and child health education.

The project was funded by the Olave Baden-Powell Society through the Mutual Aid scheme.

Member Organizations working on this project

  • Pakistan Girl Guides Association

Regions working on this project

  • Asia Pacific

Topics related to this project

  • Education
  • Relationship to Society » Community Outreach
  • Health
  • Mutual Aid
  • Health » Food
  • Global Action Theme (MDGs) » Extreme poverty and hunger
  • Human Rights » Child Rights

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