i-Lead promotional materials

Help us promote i-Lead!

To celebrate our first ever free, open and onlline leadership course we are asking you to help us promote it! Below you will find numerous resources that you can add to  your website or social media networks to help us get more people singing up for the i-Lead course on GLOW. Your help will enable us to grow future leaders!

Promotion materials:

  • iLead flier - send this flier out to your contacts or print a few to share 
  • Promo banner, large - this promo banner is designed to be set up on your WAGGGS micro site - or use it as a visual for your social media message!
  • Promo banner, small - a smaller banner for your website or social media networks
  • Press release - use this press release to send out to your media contacts
  • Social media toolkit - some suggested messages and dates for you to send out via your social media networks!
Thanks for helping us in promoting this special course, and don't forget to register and check it out yourselves!