Leadership online courses

As a part of WAGGGS e-learning initiative (see here for more information) we are providing online courses to enhance leadership skills and personal growth. These courses are held on our online prototype platform, which provides a space for members to learn together and communicate from around the world. The course follows the WAGGGS Leadership Development Programme (WLDP) content, at a basic level and consists of 4 stages.

Areas of work

Each topic includes the following features:

Learning materials: Each week you will be given access to online learning materials discussing the main points of the topic, including theories of practice, tips for development and their importance within leadership. These are interactive online materials and participants are required to read and work through the materials at the beginning of the stage; so that they are able to discuss and implement this information in the other aspects of the course.

Forum discussions: Each week there will be a series of questions based on the topics; you will then need to post your thoughts and comments in a forum to form a discussion around these topics. Discussion groups are supported by e-facilitators who offer further resources and information.

Interactivity: Throughout the course participants will work with other young women from around the world. You will be required to work to complete tasks using forums, wikis (which allow simultaneous document editing) and shared folders. Using these tools you will need to plan and organise your work.

Interactivity across the world

By using these technologies we negate the difficulties of time zones, meaning individuals can communicate asynchronously (without needing to be online at a particular time). This means that there is interactivity through group work, space for sharing, personal reflection, research and action.

Through the different topics participants can work with others, whilst providing the flexibility for those who cannot access regularly. This incorporates the flexibility that is needed within our organization in terms of approach, integration and diversity. 

This course requires dedication to its completion but participants who have committed to getting the most from these courses have had very positive experiences:

We all understand things differently and have different methods of doing anything so it was really great to be in communication with everyone- Participant from South Africa
It was great to be involved in discussions and a project with a wide variety of different WAGGGS members, developing and understanding leadership in a more in-depth level. -Participant from Australia
It was really well organized, not only for us to be able to learn about leadership but also to practice it. -Participant form Argentina 


The course is open to all members regardless of age or Girl Guide/Girl Scout section. It is a basic introduction.

Each course stage must be successfully completed, with full engagement, to progress to the next stage.

Participants who complete the full course will receive a certficate and may be offered the opportunity to support subsequent courses and develop as an e-facilitator. 


Stage 1

  • Introduction to e-learning
  • Introduction to the WLDP
  • Netiquette

Worth 15 credits

Open course

In this topic you will be introduced to the concepts of e-learning and the WLDP. This will explain the reasons behind the course and its development, it will layout the expectations for the rest of the course and also cover netiquette (acceptable online behaviour), where you will be expected to learn how to use online courses effectively.

This course is an open course, meaning that it is available at all times, whereas the other stages will require you to sign up for a particular date.

Stage 2: 

  • Learning styles
  • leadership styles and leadership in the wider world
  • Teams 
  • Communication

Worth 25 credits

2 weeks in length with an individual task to complete
Stage two will form the basis of your leadership development. This topic will introduce you to learning and leadership theories, looking at the key concepts and models, and their relevance in your leadership.

We will then explore teams and communication, looking at how leaders work within teams. This will provide useful information on how you may be able to develop your leadership.

You will also need to complete an individual task, which will require you to complete the task within the two week period and upload a completed file.

Stage 3: 

  • Motivation,
  • Delegation 
  • Assertiveness

Worth 25 credits

2 weeks in length with a pairs task to complete
Stage three will look at the more subtle skills of leadership: motivation, delegation, and assertiveness. This will allow you to explore ways of dealing with the challenges of being a leader. 

You will also be required to work with another individual on the course, to communicate, plan and work online to complete a pair’s task. This will need to be completed within the two weeks and uploaded to the site.

Stage 4:

  • Feedback
  • Course Summary
  • Patrol task: with a product to be delivered through team work on an international scale. 

Worth 35 credits

2 weeks in length

Stage 4 is the culmination of your leadership and team working skills, as you will be required to work as part of a team to complete a task. The task may vary, but it will require you to implement the different areas that have been covered previously in the course.

The learning materials cover feedback and a brief summary of the course. 

You will work with other Girl Guides/Girl Scouts from around the world, via the internet to upload a completed file, with each individual in your team working to achieve this.

Stage 1 is an open course available at all times. 

To begin stage 1 of this course please:

  • Follow this link: http://glow.wagggs.org
  • Create an account
  • Under available courses you will see Stage 1: Leadership Online
  • Click on the this course and select 'Enrol me'
  • Work through the interactive materials and use the fourms

    Each stage has several dates available see GLOW for details.

Sign up for these courses is available through the stage 1 course.

Strong participants may also be identified for buddy roles leading to facilitator development

Courses may be cancelled if the minimum number of participants is not met