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WAGGGS e-Learning Initiative 

WAGGGS is happy to announce that our online learning platform GLOW: Global Learning Online for WAGGGS is now open, offering flexible access to learning opportunities and a global platform for communication across the Movement. glow logo

GLOW access: 

Our e-learning approach and the GLOW platform have been developed using the latest technical and educational advancements,  integrated with WAGGGS’ non-formal education approach and methods. 

Our approach is unique to WAGGGS due to the incorporation of prominent technologies, learning approaches and WAGGGS non-formal ethos. This development has included investment in e-learning authoring tools, development of interactive learning materials, creation of a training programme for online support roles and a comprehensive online platform.

Our e-learning courses provide participants with: e-learning image

  • Extended opportunities with flexible access to learning
  • International discussions around core topics
  • Experiential learning with groups working together from around the world
  • Trained e-facilitators and buddies to support learning and online work
  • Interactive online materials
  • Accessible offline materials
  • A safe learning environment using technology tools and facilitators to protect users

E-learning will not replace current face-to-face programmes, but will complement these by offering, over time, a library of courses in a variety of areas for members to enrol in.

GLOW access: 

Courses available now:

1. i-Lead: our open, self-directed online leadership course designed to introduce you to leadership theory and support you to develop your leadership potential. 

2. WAGGGS introduction course: an overview of WAGGGS and its work. 

3. Technical induction course: training on use of the technical platform. 

4. Free Being Me: online course to support those delivering the Free Being Me programme.

5. A variety of event specific courses designed to meet the needs of the particular event they are linked to (availble to event attendees only). 

Online course information

Open courses: available to large groups, at any time. They focus on the global dissemination of training, information and skills development, and key feature include:

  • Open, flexible access
  • High quality learning materials
  • International sharing of ideas
  • Skills development in focused topic areas
  • Clear objectives, level and content.


E-learning has been developed at WAGGGS as a response to a motion passed at the 34th World Conference to make the WAGGGS Leadership Development Programme (WLDP) more accessible to girls and young women around the world. A key challenge has been to align learning in a virtual environment with the key WAGGGS values of non-formal education in a supportive cross-cultural environment.               

The World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts is committed to providing opportunities to girls and young women for personal development. These include the WAGGGS Leadership Development Programme (WLDP) which enhances leadership skills and personal growth via international training events. WAGGGS has sought to create opportunities for more young women to benefit from this training programme by developing an e-learning initiative.

The development of technology in our modern world has transformed the way we interact, work and learn together. The internet is a powerful tool and modern technologies offer many new opportunities for learning. It is important to us at WAGGGS to use this medium to offer the young women of our membership a chance to develop and reach their full potential.

The objective of GLOW is to use modern technologies to impart knowledge, facilitate development and an international sharing of ideas via the internet. This will allow for more open access, increased diversity of participants and for the development of digital skills; helping us to capitalise on the opportunities present in our truly international organisation. ktp

The project was developed by WAGGGS and the University of Reading as part of a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP). This is a UK government initiative that joins businesses or organizations and universities to help develop new practices to improve competitiveness and productivity. Our partnership with the University of Reading provides strong academic and practical experience in the areas of technology and education. We are also grateful to UPS for their sponsorship.             

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Our team at WAGGGS is based at the World Bureau, London and focuses on the integration of new technological approaches within the organization. This requires careful consideration as it will impact the organisation and the approach therefore needs to fit our unique requirements. To access the current leadership online course click here.