Time capsule with a difference

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Hide or find some hidden centenary treasure by geocaching. The basic idea is to hide containers, called geocaches, outdoors and then share the map coordinates of the container online. Anyone can then find the geocache by following the map coordinates through a Global Positioning System (GPS). Successful finders can then take an item from the geocache and leave one of their own for the next visitor.

The directions to the centenary treasure, or cache, should be given in map co-ordinates. If you have a Global Positioning System (GPS) you can tap in the co-ordinates and the GPS will point you in the right direction for you to go off and discover your cache.

Caches should always contain a logbook. It contains notes left by previous cache visitors and the founder of the cache and possibly a few clues to lead you to other caches nearby. Why not leave a note about a good deed which you did that day or which the next visitor might do?

Alternatively you can plant or bury a more traditional time capsule to be opened in 50 years time or even in 100 years time. Write messages, take photographs, add items that represent 2010 for you so that members can open them up in the future. Remember to focus on the theme of Plant for this year’s time capsule.

Use the space here to log the global map coordinates of your cache.