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There are many ways for you and your sister Girl Guides and Girl Scouts to take action in your country and become part of ’10 million girls...1 voice’. 


Celebrate 100 years of changing lives by joining in the centenary celebrations of international Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting. Download the 2012 Centenary Activity Pack to get some ideas about the ‘Share’ theme.


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WAGGGS’ Global Action Theme is an educational programme for girls and young women to learn about the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Develop a community project and help change our world – Earn a GAT Badge now!

MDG 7: Ensure Environmental Sustainability

Your planet needs you! Find out how Girl Guides and Girl Scouts can Take Action Against Climate Change

Get involved and safe young lives! Find out more about the WAGGGS MDG programme on HIV and AIDS

Seven in every ten of the world’s hungry are girls and women. Help to end poverty and hunger once and for all. Learn everything about advocacy and how to run your own activities with your group. Download the WAGGGS Advocacy Tool Kit. Or go to an advocacy seminar at one of our World Centres

New aids badge Web.jpgEarn a WAGGGS badge – there are so many activities and badges to choose from on important topics like Climate change, the MDGs, HIV and AIDS and peace and friendship.

World Leadership Development ProgrammeFind out how WAGGGS has been empowering girls and young women as leaders in their local communities and internationally through leadership development programmes
Be inspired by the many projects happening around the world and find out how WAGGGS is taking action.

Girls3You can also...

Volunteer with WAGGGS or your national organization

Fundraise to help give girls and young women around the world.

And shop at WAGGGS’ online shop!

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Meherangaiz irum - 20 May 2014 - 4.37PM (GMT)

I love u and your thinking

Erin M. - 17 May 2014 - 11.43PM (GMT)

For my silver project, I made Busy Books for Children's Medical Center. I created 2 bilingual templates including puzzles, coloring, and more. I attached packages of three crayons to the books using rubber bands so the crayons could easily be kept together. This will really help keep children entertained during long delays in the waiting room.

Marlena - 5 May 2014 - 1.37AM (GMT)

My Silver Award is a coed field hockey clinic for new or interested players in my community. Anybody up to eighth grade was welcome to join for a new experience. My teammates at my high school are helping put on the event so even more people can participate. I also got USA Field Hockey to donate field hockey sticks to the program so people could still participate even if they did not have a stick. My high school even made time for my team and I to use the brand new turf field to put on the event. Helping out the girls and boys was a great experience!

Troop 3676 - 3 May 2014 - 2.14AM (GMT)

For our Silver Award we planned and ran a workshop to educate younger girls about how they can help the endangered Eastern Pacific sea turtles. We contacted Ocean Connectors and had a presenter talk about the turtles and how the girls can help the turtles. We did three crafts that reinforced the info from the presentation.

Victoria, Marlise, Emily - 3 April 2014 - 11.21PM (GMT)

For our Girl Scout Silver Award we collected books for the Haven Safe House for abused women and children. In 2013 there were 202 children at the shelter. We choose to collect books for them so they could something of their own. We were given donations by our school, churches, and community. We had a can drive and put the money towards new books. We donated a total of 388 books.

Georgia Elgohary and Laynie Cafcalas - 27 March 2014 - 1.00AM (GMT)

For our Silver Award project, we made 125 care packets for patients at TIRR. TIRR is a rehabilitation center for people who suffer from neurological issues. Our grandfather was a patient there and we wanted to give something back because he received excellent care. By him being a patient there, we got inspiration to do this because we know what other families are going through and we wanted to reach out to the patients. We raised the money by selling fall product and cookies for three years. In the care packets, we put emery boards, small shampoos, toothbrushes and toothpaste, hand sanitizer, baby powder, brushes and combs, nail clippers, packs of tissues, lotions and bars of soap. We also added encouraging messages. Then, we delivered them to the patients. After that, we made guidelines for future volunteers. The patients really enjoyed meeting with us and really appreciated the care packets. But the inspirational quotes really gave them hope and meant the most to them. It made us feel good to help these people in need.

Bethany & Savannah - 26 March 2014 - 12.11AM (GMT)

In our silver project , we collected blankets. We went to our troop and asked for blankets. We also asked our principal to put boxes in the school. We collected about 10 blankets from the school. We collected blankets from our a troop and got around 24. We went door to door in a local neighborhood asking for blankets. We gave them a flyer a week before. No results. We are going to give half the blankets to our local homeless shelter and the other half to o our local child clothing collection agency. We have learned a lot about contacting people and collecting items for those in need.

Christina Edwards - 24 March 2014 - 4.19PM (GMT)

For my Silver Award I chose to do a clothing closet. I collected children’s clothes for my Church’s Clothing Closet because children’s clothes are what they needed most. I think that it influenced me to help other people because I was exposed to a lot of people helping out too. That inspired me to want to help more people and clothing places. I accomplished my goal and got enough children’s clothes to give to my Churches Clothing Closet to last a while. I connected with a local and global community by doing some volunteer work at the Bargain Shop. Working at the Bargain Shop helped my project a lot because I got to see how to work a business, and not just helping out at a clothing closet. I enjoyed that a lot because I got to interact with the customers and the other volunteers. I also liked to help the costumers to find what they were looking for. Being a volunteer there and at the Clothing Closet I gained skills like, teambuilding because I worked with a team of people and worked out problems together. Time management, because I had to keep track of the hours I had every time I worked on my project. Organizational skills, because I did a lot of organizing clothes at the Bargain Shop and at the Clothing Closet. They both had different ways to organize, and people skills. Not everybody at the Clothing Closet was easy to work with. I was my first time there and everyone had a different way of doing things. I know doing my project helped my Church because I got more people involved to give clothes. So now hopefully they will start donating more clothes there. I really enjoyed my self and i am so glad I chose to do this project.

Jenni - 19 March 2014 - 5.10PM (GMT)

For my Gold Award, I made a sensory trail at a therapeutic riding center for special needs children. I made a set of 2-sided dressage boards with letters, colors & animal images. I also made a box with 4 scent containers that the therapists can use with the kids to stimulate their sense of smell. I also volunteered as a horse handler for a year where I got to see the impact my project made on the kids.

chisomaga - 5 March 2014 - 7.35PM (GMT)

Love this website. So cool. I have been in girls guide for one year now and i am now enjoying it

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