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There are many ways for you and your sister Girl Guides and Girl Scouts to take action in your country and become part of ’10 million girls...1 voice’. 


Celebrate 100 years of changing lives by joining in the centenary celebrations of international Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting. Download the 2012 Centenary Activity Pack to get some ideas about the ‘Share’ theme.


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WAGGGS’ Global Action Theme is an educational programme for girls and young women to learn about the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Develop a community project and help change our world – Earn a GAT Badge now!

MDG 7: Ensure Environmental Sustainability

Your planet needs you! Find out how Girl Guides and Girl Scouts can Take Action Against Climate Change

Get involved and safe young lives! Find out more about the WAGGGS MDG programme on HIV and AIDS

Seven in every ten of the world’s hungry are girls and women. Help to end poverty and hunger once and for all. Learn everything about advocacy and how to run your own activities with your group. Download the WAGGGS Advocacy Tool Kit. Or go to an advocacy seminar at one of our World Centres

New aids badge Web.jpgEarn a WAGGGS badge – there are so many activities and badges to choose from on important topics like Climate change, the MDGs, HIV and AIDS and peace and friendship.

World Leadership Development ProgrammeFind out how WAGGGS has been empowering girls and young women as leaders in their local communities and internationally through leadership development programmes
Be inspired by the many projects happening around the world and find out how WAGGGS is taking action.

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Volunteer with WAGGGS or your national organization

Fundraise to help give girls and young women around the world.

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Caroline B. - 8 August 2014 - 8.38PM (GMT)

Hello. My name is Caroline and I am thirteen years old. For my Girl Scout Take Action Silver Award Project, I designed something called a Lifebook to help kids remember their past for the future. But these weren't just ordinary kids. These children live at a safe haven for abused, abandoned and neglected children called Kidz Harbor. This is a location where CPS, or Child Protective Services, can place children in need of a secure living environment. These kids range from birth to 18. They have temporary or long-term stay.

For my project, I went to Kidz Harbor three times, for the intention of scrapbooking with the kids. They also were creative in using resources like stickers, corners, colorful paper and writing utensils. The Lifebook contains pages with life questions for the them to fill in. The kids responded to the project very well, and had a great time. They seemed to take it very seriously and wound up with a wonderful result of their creativity and work.

In going to the Harbor multiple times and learning about its culture, origin and intention, I learned that I have many skills that nothing else but Girl Scouts could have taught me. These are qualities such as leadership, compassion, responsibility, preparation, and so many more.

Overall, I personally think my project was a major success. The kids at Kidz Harbor now hold a memory of their lives not only in their hands but also in their hearts. I want to thank Girl Scouts for giving me this amazing opportunity to reach out to my community. I enjoyed having the chance to grow closer to the children and leaders at Kidz Harbor.

Krista and CJ - 2 July 2014 - 4.37PM (GMT)

For our Silver project we went to a State park and marked all of the trails. So people don't get lost. All together we put in over 20 trail markers, and trail diamonds on all of the trail heads. We also bought a sign for the relocation of a trail head.

Nisa - 1 July 2014 - 11.17PM (GMT)

Hi. My name is Nisa, I am thirteen years old, and I have just completed my Girl Scout Take Action Silver Award Project. For my project I created a guidebook to put in cottages at an orphanage, The Nest, in Kenya where prospective parents will stay while waiting for the paperwork to come through on their adoption. In this process, I discovered that I can work well under pressure and I have reasonably good leadership skills. I was able to connect with my global community through similar work that others have done. I looked through many guidebooks to different places and that helped me strive to achieve what others have. I was able to work with many amazing people on this project that I couldn't possibly name them all. I met and talked with magazine staff, web designers, and newspaper writers, and they all helped me create an idea of what I wanted to do. I gained public speaking skills and advocacy skills which will help me in future jobs and projects. Irene Baumgartner, the Nest's amazing founder, will update the book when it is needed, and whoever stays at the cottage can add suggestions in the back. I feel that by creating the guidebook I have been helpful and made the world a little bit of a better place. Throughout this project I feel that I have used the virtues of friendliness, compassion, respect, consideration, responsibility, and have used resources wisely.
Thank you Girl Scouts for giving me this opportunity to give back to my society.

Sanika - 28 June 2014 - 1.16AM (GMT)

For my silver award, I decided to help in Children's Education. I organized a team to help me write and illustrate books for pre-schoolers and I hand-delivered them to a teacher who worked there. I then went to the school and read my books to the children as well on worked on projects with them. I had a great time!

Caroline - 18 June 2014 - 3.52PM (GMT)

Hi! I'm Caroline, and I just finished up my Silver Award Project. I did my project on Responsible Pet Ownership, and I made pamphlets and slide shows. I presented the PowerPoint at school and stocked my brochures at Petland and 3 vets.

Dua - 8 June 2014 - 9.53AM (GMT)

Being a girl guide is like being someone special, to get such a big opportunity to help others through fun activities.

Ellie - 1 June 2014 - 6.11PM (GMT)

For my silver project, I made busy books for Children's Medical Center with my partner Erin. A busy book is an activity book, by the way. Each of us made two different templates and assembled 200 hard copies to give to the hospital directly. We also both sent the templates to our contact at Children's. I really enjoyed this project because I could do it somewhat independently, but still get the input from my Girl Scout troop and troop leader.

Inaara - 1 June 2014 - 5.50AM (GMT)

Guides is a really great organization and the website is even better!All the fun activities are great!

Katie W. - 31 May 2014 - 3.21AM (GMT)

For my silver award project, I raised awareness for responsible pet ownership by giving presentations at my school and my local Boy Scout troop. I also made pamphlets that I distributed to local pet stores and vets. I love Girl Scouts and can't wait to earn my gold. :)

Kelsie, Lexi, Alyssa - 28 May 2014 - 9.36PM (GMT)

For our silver award project we made pet adoption kits for dogs and cats. The kits included a blanket, treats, and a recipe for the treats. These kits help new pets feel more comfortable in their new homes and guide the owners in the right direction caring for their pets. We bought the fabric for the blankets from Jo-Ann Fabrics and the ingredients for the treats from multiple pet and grocery stores. We passed out the kits at PetValu, Fins & Feathers, and Little Buddies Adoption and Humane Society took the extra ones to pass out as pets get adopted. This project was perfect for us because we love animals and want to give them the best.

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