MDG 6: Combat HIV and AIDS, Malaria and other disease

image AIDS folder.jpgHIV and AIDS Training Toolkit

The HIV and AIDS Training Toolkit is a collation of best practice thinking about how girls and young women can help in the fight against HIV and AIDS. Member Organizations can use this training toolkit to equip leaders in their organization with the knowledge, experience and tools to support girls and young women in combating this disease. You can purchase this toolkit at our shop.

With the training toolkit, you can learn about projects carried out in Brazil, India, Kenya, Malawi and Peru. There are four training booklets, each with an introduction and ten activities   

Educational programmes

MDG 6: Improve Maternal Health

WAGGGS has developed loads of fun activities, badges and project ideas to help you understand the facts about HIV and AIDS and how you can support those already living with the disease.

Why not earn the GAT badge or do the AIDS badge? Find out more!

Events and seminars

MDG 6: Improve Maternal Health

As an education organization dedicated to girls and young women, WAGGGS and its members have a unique role to play in eradicating HIV and AIDS. If we share best practice and expertise at seminars and attend international advocacy events, we will be much more effective. See the list of past and future events and seminars.

Join a campaign

MDG 6: Improve Maternal Health

Taking action at the local, national or international level to change public opinion or awareness and advocating for better HIV and AIDS policies and services are all actions Girl Guides and Girl Scouts can take to help prevent HIV AIDS. Join a campaign now.

Global partners

MDG 6: Improve Maternal Health

With a membership base of 10 million girls and young women and 1.5 million volunteers in 145 countries, the international Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting Movement can significantly contribute to HIV prevention and awareness raising. WAGGGS works with global partners, international youth NGOs and UN agencies, to achieve maximum impact.

Useful resources

MDG 6: Improve Maternal Health

With 12 million young people living with HIV and AIDS and 6,000 more infected daily it is a priority issue if girls and young women are to lead healthy and empowered lives. Find out more

How WAGGGS is taking action

MDG 6: Improve Maternal Health

Select ‘HIV/AIDS’ as topic on the project search to see what Member Organizations around the world are doing.

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tatyana - 30 November 2012 - 12.18AM (GMT)

this is a very empowering program i am a fellow guide and i think this is a good way to reach out to persons and actually help with a problem.This is a very good cause.

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