Legacies and Memoriam

We have been blessed, and we want to share our good fortune with organizations that are making a real difference in the world. Through Mary Lynn's lifelong involvement in Girl Scouting, we know firsthand the important role WAGGGS plays in helping girls and young women gain critical life skills. We hope that our legacy will make it possible for WAGGGS to reach more girls.

Steve and Mary Lynn Myers

Leave a Gift in your will

Legacies and memoriams 2

For people in some cultures, it is a custom to make a gift to charity in their Will (this is often called a legacy or bequest). Each year there are girls and young women who benefit because others have made a gift to WAGGGS in their Will – will you do the same?

Writing a Will and updating it after major life changes (such as marriage, or birth of a child) makes you a responsible steward of what you own and ensures that your family’s needs and your wishes will be honoured. We recommend that you seek professional legal advice when considering writing or amending a Will.

Giving in Memory

For some the option to give in memory is a fitting way to pay tribute to a recently lost member of your family or a friend. Gifts of this nature commemorate the individual’s values and passion they held dear during their lifetime as well as their support to making a difference.

WAGGGS is always extremely grateful to people who think of us at such a difficult time.

 Many girls have walked through the doors of Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting since 1910.  Now, more than 10 million strong, the Movement continues to be vibrant, dynamic and vital as it transforms the lives of girls and young women in 145 countries.  This positive, proactive, female energy is greatly changing our world.  Through my gift, I would like to support WAGGGS' goal to extend the program to girls and young women in many more countries.  Then they, too, may know the delight of being a Girl Guide or Girl Scout and create a better world.

 Barbara Wills Albrecht, OB-PS Member

The Olave Baden-Powell Society offer membership to those leaving a bequest in a will of at least £12,000 to the Society for the work of WAGGGS


Your questions answered

Q. Do I have to name an actual charity or can I just leave the money to “help guiding” or “for the growth of Girl Scouts around the world”?

A. It is best to be specific – that’s the only way to ensure that your wishes are completely clear. Our details are:

Charity Name: The World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts

Address: Olave Centre, 12c Lyndhurst Road, London NW3 5PQ, United Kingdom

UK Registered Charity Number 306125

Q. Do I need to tell WAGGGS that I have included them in my will?

A. It’s not essential, but we would be delighted if you chose to contact and inform us at changinglives@wagggsworld.org or call the Fund Development team on 020 7794 1181

Q. Are there tax advantages of leaving money to a charity?

A. Many countries in the world offer tax advantages to you if you leave money to a charity, but the rules are different in every country.  You should always ask your lawyer or seek similar legal advice for the best ways to use your will to reduce the tax burden on your estate.

Q. How much will it cost me to leave something to a charity in my will?

A. When your lawyer is next updating your will simply ask them to include a donation to the charity of your choice.  It doesn’t need to cost anything extra if you are already revising your will.

Q. How much can I leave?

A. It’s entirely up to you within the legal framework in your country. WAGGGS will be very grateful for any amount you are able to afford - your funds will make a real difference to the lives of girls and young women around the world through our work.

Q. I want to include a gift in my will or give in memory to the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts, what should I do next?

A. We will be more than happy to provide any details that are needed, please do get in touch with us at changinglives@wagggsworld.org or call the Fund Development team on 020 7794 1181 if you wish to clarify anything.

On behalf of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts all over the world – thank you very much. We recommend you also get in touch with your lawyer informing of your intention to include WAGGGS in your will, how much you wish to leave and they will carry out the necessary changes.

Q. I am not a UK citizen or resident. Is it possible to leave a gift to WAGGGS in my wil from over seas?

A. Again each country has its own rules about whether or not money can be transferred overseas from someone’s estate. We recommend you check with a legal professional. You may wish to leave money to both WAGGGS and your national Association – in which case you could ask if they would receive the legacy and be responsible for the transfer of the part to WAGGGS. National Associations are under no obligation to offer this service and may not be able to do so. If you do make an arrangement don’t forget to let WAGGGS know the details too!