Our environmental action march

On 20 June, during the Rio+20 conference, we planned to stage an environmental action parade on behalf of 10 million Girl Guides and Girl Scouts across the world. 

In addition to the young women who came to Rio as WAGGGS delegates, girls and young women all over the world are contributing to sustainable development by completing our Earth Hour challenge.

Make your move

You can help to power our environmental march at Rio!

Step 1: Choose an environmental activity from our World Thinking Day environmental activity pack.

Step 2: Complete the activity.

Step 3: Repeat as many times as you like. There is no limit to the number of activities you can do!

Step 4: Tell us how many activities you did, and how many people did them, by emailing harriet@wagggs.org

Step 5: Feel proud – each of your activities will add another step to our environmental march in Rio.

We asked WAGGGS members around the world to complete fun environmental activites to add steps to our environmental march – as if they were there marching alongside us at Rio+20.


Unfortunately, due to security restrictions at the conference, we were not permitted to do a formal march.  In order to honour the actions of girls around the world, we filmed a video of WAGGGS delegates steps taking within the conference centre, leading to the Tree of Vision.  When we arrived at the Tree of Vision we recorded the number of actions taken by the girls who were not present, and which countries they were from.

One of our delegates, Ally from Australia, had a pedometer with her so we also were able to work out approximately how many steps we had taken at the conference, rushing between side events, negotiations and press interviews.

 We worked out that from Monday 11 June to Thursday 21 June (11 days), one delegate averaged 12,363 steps per day.   This works out at approximately 108km per delegate for 11 days, or an average of 9.8km per day per delegate!

Multiplied by the number of delegates (25) This equals 309,090 steps per day for the whole delegation, which is approximately 247km per day. 247km x 11 days gives us a grand total of 2719km!  This is equivalent to us marching further than:

London to Istanbul (2496 km)  

Durban to Dar Es Salaam (2702 km)

New York to Houston, Texas (2589 km) 

Melbourne to Perth (2722 km)


La Paz to Rio de Janeiro (2707 km)

(approximate distances as given by Google maps).

We made a video to record the steps we had taken, where we had come from and the Countries where WAGGGS members had recorded their environmental actions. 

Make some noise!

Make some noise wherever you are on 20 June! Get together with friends, decide how you will make your noise, and send a picture or video to webeditor@wagggs.orgTell people why you are making a noise and why Rio+20 matters.