Olympia Badge certificate

A .pdf certificate which can be given to a girl guide/girl scout on completion of the Olympia Badge activities. This can be used as a replacement for the fabric badge or as a place-holder while waiting for the fabric badge.

pdf icon OlympiaBadgecertificate.pdf

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Caroline Scrafford - 29 April 2008 - 11.30PM (GMT)

I love this Olympia Badge Certificate.
Promoting sports knowledge through skills, leadership & understanding via support of each other promoting team development. I used these skills to win a gold medal in my club volleyball tournament with many different teams from different cities.

Rhona Park - 4 June 2008 - 4.19PM (GMT)

My Brownies loved working towards this badge and the certificate was an extra bonus to go with the badge.

Karen = 2nd Stratton St Margaret Brownies, Swindon, UK - 22 June 2008 - 8.33PM (GMT)

Thank you for a great resource. Our whole programme this term has been organised around the activities, with each leader taking responsbility for each week and providing a different activity from the each of the three categories.

We have an award ceremony planned for our last night which hopefully, if we manage to get hold of the right people will be at the local atheletics stadium with two previous Olympic atheletes (known to one of the guider's boyfriend's) who will present the badges and certificates to each girl. So thank you again, we probably would not have known about or thought to use these resources in our County otherwise.

christine kemp - 28 June 2008 - 12.58PM (GMT)

1st Corfe Castle Brownies enjoyed working for these badges and combined it with the fund raising activities for the Children with Leukaemia Challenge. We were able to give £100 to this worthy cause.
We joined together last week with the 3 other Brownie Units in our District for an Olympic Evening outside, finishing with Chinese food. It was a great fun event for all.
The only down side to all this is the difficulty over getting the badges which we hoped to present at our special evening. We only found out about the certificate once it was over. The girls will of course get these in retrospect. In future it would be good to be prepared for the uptake.

Maureen Cloke - 21 September 2008 - 7.12AM (GMT)

We used the Olympia Badge as the theme alomg with the Beijing Olympics itself for our recent Summer Camp. The guides learnt the Olympic hymn, completed the Agility and Craft Badges. We learnt about China and made chinese lanterns, cooked a chinese meal and ended our camp with 'the Olympic Games'. The Olympia badgee took in mind, body and spirit and we certainly had fun completeing the clauses.

Maureen Cloke, Guider.
1st Linslade Guides, Bedfordshire, England

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