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Diane Hope - 23 September 2008 - 11.16PM (GMT)

Our Brownie Unit has had a brilliant time completing this badge. We have discovered and tried out may things one being - we invited a veteran Oylmpic Paralympic medal winner(6 oylmpics attended)to tell us all about the Olympic games, the girls were fasinated with the medals and hearding about all the hard work it takes to be the best in your sport. Someone come and explained Tai Chi and showed us the movements. We held our own version of the Olympics, a great time has been held by all, thank you for this project. Diane Hope, Leader for 1st Canonbie Brownies.

Sophy Kotti - 20 August 2008 - 9.34AM (GMT)

A whole camp for Brownies in Chios, Greece, is designed on the Olympia Badge. We are very excited and proud to work on it.

jackie Miller - 24 May 2008 - 3.43AM (GMT)

Among our projects,Our girls wrote an olympic anthem of their own. With the help of two volunteers they were able to write the music too. The same mother who is a pianest helped them learn the Olympic Anthem and they will sing both songs at their court of awards. They also researched Olympic games and wrote an essay regarding their chosen sports. They also sampled Chinese foods and learned to use chop sticks. They learned the signifcance of the five rings and what their colors mean. One of our mothers attened the Olympics several years ago and described her experience. Also, one of the alternate rowers on Americas Olympic team is the son of a friend and will be going to China's Olympics this summer. We discused what a mascot was and each child designed a mascot for the Chinese Olympics. We did more but it would take much more room than I have to tell you, but I can say the Girls ages 7 to 10 enjoyed everything.

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