Exciting updates for the Fifth World Centre Pilot Project!

29 July 2014

For many years, many members of WAGGGS have been passionate and committed to ensuring a World Centre experience delivered in Africa Region. During the 34th World Conference, Motion 11.1 was amended and agreed that made the start of this vision possible.

'That the Conference endorses the direction proposed by the World Board for developing the Fifth World Centre concept, and that a report of the pilot project be provided a the 35th World Conference.'

During the 35th World Conference in Hong Kong, this report was presented and more motions were agreed that will enable more work to progress on this exciting new adventure for World Centres.

Over the next triennium the World Board will, with the Africa Region Committee, consider the possibility of one-off international activities or events in Africa which will continue to invest in Member Organizations. Funds will be raised to ensure that a sustainable financial model is in place for the future. And a further progress report will be presented to the 36th World Conference in 2017.

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