'A world that we are free to be ourselves!'

3 July 2014

Sangam opened its 2014-15 season with two training events for the new WAGGGS curriculum about positive body image called Free Being Me (FBM). This campaign is a joint partnership between Dove and WAGGGS and a professional training team is giving sessions around the world to help leaders prepare to spread this message to young girls and boys. The activities covered are not limited to women and girls, but recognize that everyone can be challenged by negative body image.

The first event was a special event for the Asia Pacific region, and 26 participants attended representing 13 countries. Sangam staff also joined the sessions to practice the theory behind the messages that we have been sharing in our sample sessions. Everyone gathered to learn how to effectively implement FBM while enjoying the cultural surroundings of Sangam and India. As the group learned together, everyone shared their culture and the way that beauty ideals differ.

 Free Being Me Photo 1

The second group had 50 participants from the Bharat Scouts and Guides. This was the national training event for India and many states were represented. Five people who had attended the Asia Pacific training stayed to assist as trainers. Between the diverse staff, the training was presented in three languages to help each participant understand the concepts fully. India is one of the focus countries for FBM because of the number of scouts and guides that can be reached by the message, the presence of Dove, and the active campaign about body image. With focused resources, this can be a place where the message has a large impact.  

 Free Being Me Photo 4                      

Each training consisted of activities from the curriculum; participants worked in small groups to test their leadership skills and get familiar with the games and materials available to pass this message on to others. Through working in small groups and sharing our creative results, we saw many possible ways of presenting each activity – from acting out stories to creating lists of the “ideal” body type and trying to take over the media with different messages. The sessions can be planned to incorporate active games as well as activities that teach young participants an important message about self-awareness without overwhelming them. Each part of the FBM curriculum adds to the learning journey through non-formal education as girls and boys learn and discover with their peers.

 Free Being Me Photo 3

WAGGGS is also trying to expand its training options to reach more leaders and individuals who can’t attend events in person. GLOW is the platform for online learning that is available for anyone to sign up and work through modules designed to show different aspects of leadership in an interactive manner. An online course for FBM will be available soon as well!

We had a wonderful time with this hands-on training. Working with the WAGGGS FBM team provided an exciting opportunity for all Sangam staff and participants to get skilled up on this important topic of global significance.

To find our more information visit the Free Being Me Website!