8 small things you can do to help stop climate change!

5 June 2014

Today is #WorldEnvironmentDay, where we take a look at the impact man made climate change has on the environment, and raise awareness on how we can help to change the devastating effects. 

Climate change facts: 

  • Climate change is a major challenge of our time: temperatures are growing, sea levels are rising, the Arctic is warming, methane is on the increase. GHG emissions have increased by 70 per cent between 1970 and 2004.
  • Girls and women will be most affected by climate change. It will increase poverty and hunger. Already, 1 billion people do not have enough to eat. Hunger and malnutrition cause immeasurable suffering to millions of families and result in poor health, lost learning potential, lost productivity and income. Food is so important for life and health that governments around the world have recognized that people have a right to food.
On this day we would like everyone in our Movement to try some of these simple steps that could help our environment and better our world!
1. Save energy! Do you watch a lot of TV, or do you use your computer? Try and do this less! Not only will it save energy, but you will have time to do a lot more things outside, or with your friends and family.
2. Cut down on carbon emissions! Why not cycle or walk to where you need to go? Just make sure there is a safe path, and that weather permits. If not, you can also carpool or take public transport.
3. Measure your carbon footprint, and make plans to try and reduce it! You can measure your carbon footprint here http://footprint.wwf.org.uk/ via the World Widlife Foundation.
4. Don't waste food! Create a compost in your backyard for all of your scraps, and use the compost to feed your garden.
5. Create campaigns in your community! Start a campaign to have safe biking lanes, or make sure there are recycling regulations.
6. Save hot water and energy! Showers take up a lot less water and energy than baths, so try and shower when you need to get clean.
7. Take part in a planting project! 

8. Remind others to save energy! Create 'Switch me off!' reminder cards and place on lamps, lightswitches, and other devices to remind others to switch them off when they are not using them. 
Do you have any more ideas? Tweet @wagggs_world your ideas and we will share them, or place them in the comments below.
All activities come from the Food Security and Climate Change Badge activity book, which can be seen here. You can purchase the badges from the WAGGGS Shop.

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Emma - 5 June 2014 - 10.20PM (GMT)

Buying local produce wherever possible reduces food miles and therefore carbon emissions, you will also be eating food that is fresher and not ripened in a container. Also try to buy food that isn't wrapped in plastic to reduce plastic production.

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