The National Leadership Development Program (NLDP) Barbados 2014

30 April 2014

April 2014 marked the beginning of an exciting journey in the Western Hemisphere Region. The National Leadership Development Program (NLDP) Barbados was the first-ever WAGGGS Regional NLDP event. During the event we explored the NLDP as a tool to infuse new training tools into the region and strengthen national board leadership. Over the course of the five days, participants wrote down their reflections on the journey as it unfolded and we are excited to share some key excerpts. Full blog posts for each day can be found on the Western Hemisphere microsite news page.

Day 1: “We ready fuh de journey

We are among twenty two Girl Guide Leaders participating in the first ever WAGGGS National Leadership Development Program (NLDP). We are at the start of the road and throughout the week will make a metaphorical journey by traversing the road, crossing bridges and navigating through tunnels.  Later in the week we will separate into two different but parallel advisory tracks -Training and Governance.  When the two tracks converge, we will be equipped with the tools necessary to strengthen our individual member organizations and the region.

 NLDP Barbados Path Mural

Caption: Mural painted by Kurlyne Alleyne (Barbados)

Day 2: I Will Do the Best I Can

With eager eyes and open minds, we welcomed the second day. Some of us are still apprehensive, but others are ready to wander into the unknown. With the space created by our NLDP Trainers, we are confident to gain the knowledge and skills to travel this exciting new journey. We are inspired to be our best possible selves, to understand our learners, and create a learning space which acknowledges the skills, values and experiences of learners as the starting point to connect and extend the NLDP vision.   

Day 3: The Journey Continues

With great anticipation, the participants in the governance stream started our journey to develop Succession Planning Strategies for implementation in our Member Organizations. The Regional Training Advisers, soon to be facilitators in their own MOs and throughout the region, focused on practical implementation today.

We actively participated in a Toastmasters International meeting where they demonstrated their meeting procedures. Monitoring and evaluating speeches and table topics were undertaken by participants, allowing us to apply the skills we had developed. There was an exchange of Guiding and toastmasters’ principles that can be adopted by both. We are looking forward to an excellent partnership!

Day 4: What Will Your Awesome Be?

What will your AWESOME be? That has been our challenge for the past four days as we continue our journey along the NLDP path. This morning we were exposed to LEADING CHANGE, and one thought that resonated with us was:

I want every little girl who is told she is bossy, to be told instead she has leadership skills

Sheryl Sandberg

We must say that the methods employed by our facilitators are truly innovative and varied, just always pushing us to think just a little bit more, even when we think we don’t know the answer.  We are indeed charged up, excited, enthusiastic and exhilarated!  And imagine there is still more to come…

But, all of this information was just preparing us for our final task of the day, and this was a big one! We had to begin working on being facilitators, who will lead the change by using the strategies of the NLDP. Wow!! This was going to be an all-nighter, but we are going to get to our AWESOME!!

Day 5: The End of This Part of the Journey

Awe inspiring are the only words we can use to describe the final leg of our journey. We saw the growth of individual participants during the presentation of topics pertaining to this Region.

The ramble through beautiful Bridgetown allowed us an opportunity to see some of the significant landmarks on the island, which was amazing. The trek through town was fun and exciting as we all wanted to reach the Bay Street Esplanade finish line first.

Standing united on the beach was our closing ceremony, which touched us all emotionally as we reflected on our journey.


NLDP Barbados Group

Throughout the course of the week, participants challenged themselves to think outside of the box, get creative and soak up all the new information presented to them. As a planning team, we were absolutely thrilled to see how participants grew in their confidence, knowledge and skills in such a short time. 

As participants go on to implement all that they learned we are so excited to see the positive impacts of their work over the coming months.

This event would not have been the success that it was, without the collaboration of our Caribbean Member Organizations and participation of a wonderful group of attendees.

Antigua and Barbuda

Charmaine Potter-George

Jennifer Maynard

Carmen Benjamin


Yolanda Wernet


Nadia Skeete

Jenifer King

Andrea Sealy

Erica Hewitt-Smith

Jennah Parris

Hetty Stoute-Oni

David Brathwaite (Barbados Ministry of Youth)


Taneka Caldeira

June Halley


Claudette James-Newton

St. Kitts and Nevis

Shatarah Henderson

St. Lucia

Jeannelle Antoine-Thomas

Alyson Chester


Cindy Kaliar

Damaris Van Engel

Trinidad and Tobago

Catherine Reid

Jacqueline Roach-Sarjeant

Joanne Camps-Weekes