Pack of the Month!

1 April 2014

The first of every month has been designated for a local pack to take over the homepage of WAGGGS! We will pick a Pack of the Month to showcase, and ask others to put their pack forward to be our next Pack of the Month!

This month, we would like to showcase the 1st Mildmay Brownies in Islington, London , part of Girlguding UK. They are one and a half years old as a pack, and have four sixes: The Pixies, The Elves, The Gnomes and the Sprites, and four Owls. They also have a number of small Girl Guides troop of their own. They are looking forward to celebrating the Big Brownie Birthday this year and have plans to go on a sleepover, create their own website and have a party. Some of them want to go to Space as well!

As part of the pack of the week, the World Association asked them a series of questions. Here are their answers!

Harriett pack of the week
The 1st Mildmay Brownies do their best impression of the Queen, 

Q: What is your favourite part of being a brownie?

A: Playing games, singing, activities, going on trips and being with each other.

Q: Do you know there are Brownies all over the world? If you could learn about Brownies in any country, what country would most interest you?

A: Yes, we know about lots of different countries. We would like to learn more about Brownies in the USA, Ethiopia, Cyprus and New Zealand.

Q:What badge did you enjoy getting the most?

A: Crafts! We made Christmas decorations to sell at a fair to raise money for the school we hold Brownies at.

Q: Is there a badge that you want to get?

A: We want to do a Circus skills badge!

Q:What do you want to be when you grow up?

A: Lots of different ideas! Doctors, Detectives, Singers and ballerinas are just a few!

Q: Who is your favourite singer?

A: Katy Perry

Q: What message do you want to tell the rest of the world about your Brownie pack?

A: ‘Always be true to yourself and have fun!’

And from our Guides: ‘we’re loving, helpful and kind. We’d love to see more Guides in our troop, and also would really like there to be no more wars and for everyone to live in peace.’

Q: Describe your pack in one word.

A. Brownies: ‘Bonkerlicious’

    Guides: ‘Fabulous!’

Want to be the next Pack of the Month*? Email to put your interest forward and tell us why we should showcase your pack! 

*You don't have to be a 'pack' or Brownies to be showcased. Please send in any Girl Guiding or Girl Scouting groups.